Something Ugly

Something Ugly

A Story by DonielleMikel

Embedded in a world I have yet to see.


There is a rice farmer miles away from this place, embedded in a world I have yet to see. He comes home from a long day under an unforgiving, unrelenting Autumn sun; the blisters on his feet aching. He kisses his wife. He tosses the hair of his children. He is still miles from this place I call home.

Although the day was sweltering, the night is rainy and cold where he resides with his family. His wife kisses his blisters and wraps them in cloth, soothing him. His family must huddle together for warmth that night but the rice farmer is happy for the closeness. The sun rises and rises to present a new day. He leaves his children and his wife with all his love and begins his labor once again. Happy as a clam.

I, ever present to where I am, check my iphone repeatedly through the day to see if the man I met at Starbucks has bothered to watch my Snapchat story. Much to my dismay, he has not done so.

The night is rainy and cold when I arrive home. I turn on the heater and climb into bed. I realize I forgot to DVR my favorite show so, disinterested with my state of affairs, I decide to go to sleep.

I think of the rice farmer, who is miles away from this place, embedded in a world I have yet to see. I envy his inner peace, his lack of love for ugly and unnecessary things.

I pull out a pen and decide to write my silver lining.

© 2016 DonielleMikel

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I like this sort of story and have attempted it myself. It is too easy to forget how others live their lives.You have presented it very well and i was well into the second part of it before i realised what was going on. It may be worthwhile separating the two parts but there are arguments both ways.
Well done for this!
You might like to check out my story 'Any change pal' on a similar theme.
Thanks, Alan

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you! I will check it out :)

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Added on July 14, 2016
Last Updated on July 14, 2016
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