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One of many people.

...the girls are polar opposites of each other, which is compelling because I love them both to the moon and back and they love each other just as much. The taller girl walks like she is going to someone's 4th birthday party, or to Disneyland, or to a big fancy art show. She's excitable. Her steps are a little bouncy, like a bird; and she's long and skinny. She has the kind of arms that start skinny, jut out at the elbow, and end skinny. Her legs are thin too, but muscular; she's a pointe dancer (and she much looks like one). Her waist is concave with visible ribs, but her hips dip and curve out nicely. Her neck is really, really long, and we poke fun of it all the time. But her face is so beautiful. Masculine and feminine all at once with almond-shaped, ocean colored eyes and low, shapely brows. Her nose is crooked and her smile is small and pouty. Her skin is light and clear, she never wears makeup if it's not a special occasion. Her bone structure: exquisitely sharp. Her hair is short and touseled like a boy model from Europe.
She's always good for a smile and doesn't hate anyone. When she's in her little pastel skirts and tights and dresses, she is prim and girlish. This is usually when she wears her glasses (which are big and round and clumsily taped together on one side). When she wears basics like jeans and black shirts, or masculine fashions like button ups or vests, she is so intriguing. Hot and bothered looking, like a prepubescent boy. I've seen her dressed like that, breathing heavy...it's very suggestive. It works as muted visual smut to me. She looks crazy and she is crazy, but she isn't the same kind of crazy that she looks. She loves being queer and it's marvelous. You could be a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" kind of burly guy and she would still somehow get you interested in her stories about LGBT rallies. She enjoys being cute and thinks everyone else is cute, too.

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Added on March 4, 2016
Last Updated on March 4, 2016
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16 year old musical theatre major at a little performing arts school. journalist & short-story writer for fun. more..