Life In England

Life In England

A Chapter by TheGeekGirls


I wake to the sound of my cell phone blaring in my ear, without taking a moment to check the caller ID I answer. "What?" I groan lazily into the receiver. I look over at the clock, a blinking 5:03 greets me. "Its five in the morning. Who the hell is this and what do you want?"

"Jax, I'm moving!" I know its her. It has to be, she's the only one who ever calls me that.

"Where are you moving Roxie?" I ask, suddenly feeling much more awake.

"To England!" she yells. What? "Rich got accepted at Richmond U. and Mom said that since she doesn't trust him alone and I've been wanting to move since forever that I should go with him. Oh! My plane just landed! Will you come and pick me up?" she rambles.

"Okay! Um...give me twenty minutes to get dressed and drive down to the airport!" I hang up before letting her answer me. I jump out of bed and walk into my closet. That's right I got a walk-in closet. I pull out my light colored high-waisted shorts, a dark blue tank top, and a soft blue Rugrats sweatshirt. I quickly pull on my converse and run down the stairs to find my mom already awake.

"Jaxelle, what are you doing up so early on a Saturday?" my mom asks suspiciously. 

"Roxanne and Ric are moving to England and are at the airport right now!" I say, as I tie my shoelaces. I grab my keys off the table as I run out of the door and quickly turn on the car. I lace through traffic as I race towards the airport, impatiently tapping my fingers on the wheel every time I have to stop. I still can't believe she's here. It's been... What? Three years since I moved away? We were best friends, the kind that you can't know one of us without knowing the other. Once I pull up to the airport, I find a quick parking spot and run. Next thing I know, a security guard is screaming at me to stop running. I turn around as I stick my tongue out and flip him off before increasing my speed. At the end of the hall I come out to the center of the large building. I stop so suddenly I'm afraid I'll fall. I dial her number before I realize it and wait for her to answer.


My phone rings out in the middle of the airport. Ugh, my hands are full and Richard is just standing there.

"Are you gonna get that?" He rudely asks.

"I will as soon as you help with some of the damned bags!" I growl. He sighs as he puts away his phone and grabs one of the coffee cups and some of the bags. I check the caller ID as I answer. "Hey gurl!" I laugh into the phone.

"Um... Hey? This is Roxanne right?" I hear Jax's confused voice over the phone... But I hear it somewhere else too. Where is it coming from?

"Yup!" I smile as I picture her confused face. I wonder how long it will take for her to realize I had an energy drink this morning...

"Did you have coffee, sugar or an energy drink?" She sighs.

"A monster!" I can hear her sigh on the other side of the line.

"Anyways, what terminal are you at?" she asks quickly.

"Turn around." I yell as I hang up. She turns to see me standing, arms full of suitcases, and smiles. I drop the bags and run to hug her.

"It's been so long!" She squeals as she hugs me.

"I know!" I yell as I return the hug.

"OMG! Starbucks!" She says as we pull apart and her eyes land on Ric. She runs over and hugs him.

"Why are you hugging me?" He asks her as light blush spreads over his cheeks.

"Because you have Starbucks!!!" She exclaims as she grabs a cup.

"Alright!" I say as I grasp the bags I had earlier dropped. "Let's go!" I take off towards the west entrance.

"Uh, Roxanne?" Jax calls.

"Yes?" I respond as I turn.

"Car's that way," she says as she points her thumb towards the east entrance.

"Ri-ight," I say as I walk back. We joke around until we get into her car.

"So... Where am I going?" She asks as we pull into the highway.

"Um..." I say from the front seat as I look back at my twin.

"32 Downing Street," Ric replies quietly as he avoids her gaze. She turns to me as she snickers and I'm forced to look away before I myself begin to laugh.

"So..." Jax attempts to break the awkward silence that has settled upon us.


"So..." I say as I look for something to break the awkward silence. What should I say? "Richmond International Academy?"

"Yeah," Richard says, taking his unblinking gaze from his phone and looking at me through the rearview mirror. "I got a soccer scholarship." he says awkwardly. 

"I'm surprised you still have that sweatshirt." Rox says to me. 

"I love my Rugrats!" I exclaim, meaning about my favorite 90's cartoon. Rox rolls her eyes at me. We quickly arrive at the apartment building. "So, the both of you, living in an apartment?" I asked incredulously.

"Nah, we have the flat at the top. It's huge and the roof's ours too." Rox tells me as she opens the door.

"Yeah, it's major party material." Ric says. That's basically all he ever thinks about: partying. We leave the bags in the car and make our way up the three flights of stairs to the front door, Rick pulls out the keys and opens the door. There is a spacious wooden floor leading to a small bar and a full kitchen. The wall to our left has a door to a small balcony, it's stairs leading up to the roof. To our right are three doors. We open the first and there is a decent sized room with a walk in closet and its own bathroom. Ric and I both stare at Roxanne, waiting for her to claim it.

"Richard, that's your room." Rox says as she looks around.

"Why?" he asks her as we both gawk. I can tell neither one of us was expecting that.

"Because," she said in an fake exasperated (enhanced by a loud sigh) voice, "if someone rings the doorbell, you are closest so you have to answer the door. And on that note..." She races out and into the next room over. It also has a walk in closet and a connected bathroom. The bathroom leads to another room and walk in closet. 

"I call the room at the end!" Rox yells. 

"What are y'all gonna do with the extra room?" I ask nobody in particular.

"I dunno use it as an office space or something," Ric says in a bored tone. We both stare at him and shake our head.

"O! M! G! I just had the most amazeballs idea!" She says in a ridiculously excited voice.

"OMG! What?" I ask as I mock her tone. She shoots me a playful glare as Ric and I exchange a high-five.

"You should move in!" Rox yells excitedly.

"I would have to talk to my parents about that. Plus, I'm not sure if i can pay for rent or food." I say, wishing I could just drive home and get my stuff. I take a drink of the cold coffee drink as I wander aimlessly about. I sit on the floor in the middle of the living area, taking in the size of this flat. Boxes piled up along the walls make it seem so huge. Richard comes and sits next to me, laying back and actually putting down his phone for once.

"I missed you Brat." he admits, bringing up a hand and ruffling my hair. 

"Yo! Hands of the hair!" I smack his arm before fixing my hair. "I missed you too," I admit before laying back and staring and the ceiling.


Have they seriously not realized I've been eavesdropping on them? I wonder if they'll get back together now that we're here... That would be interesting... I officially have a new mission. Operation JaxAndRic is back on track, and I know just how to get it started. "Ugh!" I groaned as I emerged from the doorway. I dropped myself, laying horizontally on both of them. "I missed you too girly!" I said as I looked at Jax. "You," I glanced at Ric, "not so much." Jax laughed as Ric shoves me off of both of them. "Well, I just got off the phone with your mom," I said as I sat criss-cross in front of Jax.

"Okay," Jax said slowly, waiting for me to continue.

"She said no," I reply flatly.

"Aw poo," Jax replied.

"Okay then, I guess I'll leave you two lovebirds alone then," I laughed as I got up and grabbed Jax's keys off of the counter.

I could see Ric's blush from the corner of my eyes and I saw Jax stare at him. Jax was probably pissed at him for telling me they dated. She sighed. "Okay, make sure you fill up the tank." She waved as I walked out. I turn around and smile while I wave, noticing Ric's unbelieving look at Jax.


I looked over at Ric's smiling face and wavered. No getting out now. "So..." I ask carefully. "What do you want to do now?"

© 2013 TheGeekGirls

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So Kadessa is Jax and Gina is Roxanne? Am I right? Any ways loved the chapter!!! Can't wait for more

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

~G~ Yup, you got it. And I'm writing the second chapter right now

8 Years Ago


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