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I drive around the neighborhood, trying to memorize the layout of the city. 'How long should I give them?' I wonder to myself. I pull over at a gas station and quickly fill the tank. I continue driving only to park at a nearby street and get down to walk. I wander about aimlessly for a good twenty minutes, gaining (and giving) several bruises from bumping into various people on the sidewalks. I am finally shoved onto the right side of the sidewalk to look up at the front steps of a large building. I look up at it and smile. 'SYCO Records' was staring back at me.

Some construction men are putting a new banner up. I decide to stick around and see what it is. Once it's up, everyone gushes about the new One Direction banner recently added. "Someday," I whisper silently to myself. "Someday that'll be me up there." I began walking back to the car when I realized I had absolutely no clue where to go.

'Time to explore,' I internally roll my eyes. After losing myself further into the city, the flow of people spits me out onto the steps of a small bar. 'John's Pub' said the sign. I wander about until I find a street named Old Compton. Once I see this I freak out and start looking for my phone. I freak out internally when I can't find my cell phone.

"Please be in this pocket!" I say as I put my hand into my jacket's pocket and pull out my phone. "HALLELUJAH!" I shout as various people stop to stare at me. I immediately dial Jax's number and wait for her to answer.

"WHAT?!" I hold the phone away from my ears as I hear an ear-piercing shriek. "STOP IT RIC!"

"What are you two doing?" I ask with a horrified stare that I know they cannot see.

"Whooping your best friends butt!" Ric shouts into the phone.

"Stop it Ric, it's my phone!" Jax growls. "Sorry about that," she says to me.

"Um... What are you two doing?" I ask yet again.

"Playing video games, duh!" She replies. "Wait... What did you think we were doing?"

"Nothing," I quickly reply. "Anyways," I draw out the word, trying to find a way to explain myself. "I'm lost." I bluntly say.

"What? How did that happen?!" Jax asks as she laughs. I can almost see her rolling on the floor. I quickly explained my situation to her. Next thing I knew the line went dead.


She got lost! Roxie actually got lost. i bust out laughing, dropping my phone on the ground. Richard sits on the ground next to me, in front of the TV and gaming console we set up in record time.

"What's so funny?" Ric asks me. 

"She's lost." I manage to say. "Roxie's lost." 

"Wow," is all he says. "I think that's a new record."

"Of her getting lost?" i ask him, slightly perplexed. 

"That, and me beating you by twenty kills." he says, pointing on the tv screen.

"No fair!" I whine, repeatedly poking his arm. "Roxie called me so I had to stop playing to answer the phone." 

"I still beat you." he says poking my side. I freak out, jumping and making a little squealing noise.

"It's cute how ticklish you are." he says, poking my side again. i pick up my phone and call my mom.

"Hey mom, can you pick up Roxie from Old Compton Street and bring her back to the apartment?" I ask quickly, hoping the next game doesn't start. 

"Yeah, how did she get that far into the city?" she asks as I hear her moving around through the phone. 

"She took my car and then started walking and is now lost." I tell her as I hang up and sit in front of the TV, next to Richard. I quickly text her the address of the flat, Richard tickling my side and sending me into a fit of laughter. 

"Stop it! The next game is starting." I squeal. We both focus on the game, our fingers flying across the buttons. Richard reaches over and pokes my side again. "Stop, you're gonna get me killed!" He pokes me yet again, this time causing me to die. I get up frustrated and sit in his lap, so he can't see, and kill him (in the video game). He sets his head on my shoulder and puts his arms around me so he is holding his controller out in front of me. I almost die, letting a squeal out.

"Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap," I say in a high pitched, song-like voice. Richard laughs at me and I take the advantage to kill him. 

"Hey!" He exclaims. "I will get you back for that." He says seriously.

"I laugh at that, haha." I respond with a fake laugh.

"Oh, I'll give you something to laugh about!" He says as he puts his controller down.

I immediately bolt up and back away. "Ric! What are you doing? Ric!" I say as he approaches me slowly.

Next thing I know I've backed into the furthest corner from the door. "I've got you now!" He says as he reaches in to tickle me. Just as his hands are about to reach my stomach I duck under them and crawl through his legs. "Hey!" He exclaims as he turns around. "Get back here!" He says as he grabs my ankle and wrestles me into a position where he is pinning me down yet I am sitting on his lap.


After wandering about Old Compton Street for a couple of minutes, Mrs. Brant drives up. "Hey Rox, haven't seen you in a while."

"Hey Ms. Brant," I reply as I get into her car. "Long time no see!"

"So, remember when you asked me if Jax could come live with you and your brother?" She asks as she eyes me carefully. I nod quickly, anticipating the possibly positive answer about to be uttered. "Well, I thought about it..." I internally groan, wishing she would just hurry.

"And?" I ask quickly.

"My answer is still no," I hide my disappointed face and nod.

"May I ask why?" I look out the window.

"I don't like the idea of her living alone, having to work to pay rent, and I especially don't like the idea of her living with a boy. I just don't think she's ready." I bite my lip to keep from screaming what's on my mind.

"Not to be rude," I try to gather my thoughts before I say what I think. "But I can think of ways to rid ourselves of all those problems."

"Oh really?" She challenges as she watches me.

"Yes. First of all, she would not be alone. Second of all, if you don't want her to pay rent she can work. Now, I know you probably want her to focus on her studies so you could pay for it. Next, she is living with me and my brother. I doubt anything fishy will happen between them. And lastly, we'll never know if she's ready or not if we don't try. And what better way to try than twenty minutes from home and with her best friend?" I question.

"I'll ponder it." She says as we pull up to where I had left the car. "Bye Roxie!" She called out the window. "Come over for dinner soon!" She waved. I waved back and entered Jax's car.

I drive back to 38 Downing Street and enter the flat quickly. I hear Jax yell from the currently unused middle room. I bolt over and quietly open the door. I watch the scene in front of me and gawk. "What is going on in here?!?!!" I yell as I watch their...well whatever they're doing.


Richard and I both stop what we're doing and stare at her. How long has she been standing there? "Um... Nothing?" I quickly respond.

"Sure don't look like nothing to me! And it sure don't look like video games either!" I laugh as I untangle myself from Richard.

"Well, we were playing... But we ended up getting in a tickle fight." I quickly summarize. I can feel a light blush grace my cheeks. 

"Uh-huh, sure you were." Rox rolls her eyes. "Well, Rich and I need to go get a U-haul or something and need to go get some furniture."

"Don't call me that!" Richard growls.

"Alright, well I'll see you guys tomorrow." I say as I give them both crushing hugs. "Bye!" I call as I leave out the front door. I get to my car and look in the backseat before calling Roxanne.

"What now?" She grumpily answers.

"Your bags are still in the car."

© 2013 TheGeekGirls

Author's Note

~G~ Tee Hee, i made it sound like they were doing something dirty XD

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I thought they were when I was reading it I was like "busted suckers"

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

~G~ LOL, that's kinda what I was hoping for XD

8 Years Ago

Ha ha😝

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