03~ That's My Face!

03~ That's My Face!

A Chapter by TheGeekGirls

Finally, the twins meet.


"Calm down!" Sori screams. After pacing back and forth for hours I finally stop and sit on the bed.

"I'm sorry, Sori. I just can't help it." I say as I flop onto my back, my feet still planted to the ground. "I'm meeting my sister in less than ten hours!" With that thought, I spring back up. "I know what'll calm me down. Let's practice!" I say before i run through twisting hallways and into the training area of the huge Central Building.

The blazing two-o'clock sun shines down upon us. "Alright, try to create a nice cool breeze and shoot it at me." I do as she says and ask her if that's good or not. "No, try again. The sun is too hot so just keep going." I stop bending and stare at her.

"I'm not your personal fan!" I shout.

"You're telling me," she complains.


"Alright, alright," she says as she hold her hands up. We begin the actual lesson but after 12 minutes it is evident I cannot focus. "Why don't you just go for a walk instead?" She suggests.

"Okay!" I say, full of energy.


'And that's the last of it,' I think as I hide in an alley. The Anti-Theft Police just lost track of me. I walk out and take off towards the trash heap. 'I bet Lil'll be excited about dinner tonight!' I'm so lost in my thought that I don't notice when I bump into someone.

"Hey!" I say as I recognize her.


"Sorry!" I say as I help the girl I've accidentally knocked over up. I bend down to pick up her groceries when I see her slowly backing away out of the corner of my eye. Before she has a chance to run I make an air current to drag her back towards me and use water to freeze her in her tracks, literally.

"Let me go!" She yells, moving her face away from my scrutinizing glare.

"No, why are you running from me?" I ask with genuine curiosity. She looks up to the sky and her hood falls down.


"Lil! What are you doing here?" I question. "I was just coming to get you!" I say as I help her up.

"I was going to go with Drake, there's nobody at Central." She shrugs as she dusts herself off. I hand her the groceries and instruct her to wait for me with Drake, I'll go get them around 5.

I keep walking and after about 20 minutes I freeze. I look at Stephanie, my arch-nemesis, trapped by that chick Jensen.

"Please let me go!" She pleads, on her knees in front Jensen.

"You are a criminal, why would I do that? You need to face your punishment." She says as she pulls her up.

"Please! My brothers and sisters need me!" The only child bursts into tears. She's such a good liar.

"Where are your parents?" Jensen asks her with a scrunched-up face.

"Dead," she sobs. Lies, she ran away from her home in the earth kingdom.

"Oh!" Jensen says as she lets her go. "You poor thing! Go, I won't turn you in." Ugh! curse this girl good nature.

"Thank you!" Stephanie says, tears drying up. Stupid Jensen, why couldn't she have turned her in? Stephanie runs away and Jensen continues her walk, headed straight for me. I quickly drop my head and hurry past. Or at least that's what I try to do. Some invisible force knocks us both down, knocking over my hood.

"S**t," I mutter as she stares at my face.


"Hey!" I blurt. "That's my face!" I'm awed at this girl. I help her stand up and hold onto her arm. "Who are you?"

"Jenniphine," she spits out.

"No way! Mom didn't tell me you were my twin!" I say excitedly. I finally found her. "Can you bend? Which element? Do you have any other siblings? Where's dad?" I ask hurriedly, my words comming out in a gumble. 

"Listen," she says sternly. "I don't know who you are but you are not my sister. I have no siblings, my mother died in a factory explosion and my father died of an unknown sickness two years ago."

"No, that can't be right. You are my sister. You have to be!" I say as tears threaten my eyes. This has to be her!

"No, I am not." She says stubbornly. "My parents are dead and I am an only child. Now let go."

"No! If you are not my sister then you are a criminal and it's my job to turn you in," I fire back.

"You didn't turn in Stephanie, and just so you know she's not an orphan. She's the only child of a very rich family and a run-away." I was crushed by this information. "Unlike her, I do have people to take care of so I would appreciate it if you let me go." I let go of her arm and watch her leave. I slowly walk back to Central, deflated.


S**t, that was close. I honestly want to believe she is my sister, but what about what dad said? He said we had no other family. Mom died in an explosion, right? Maybe this was the time to go back to the Fire Nation Central City to find those letters Dad left for me. How old did he say I had to be? 16 right? I hope so.

I approach Lil and Drake and give them the signal to go, dropping two fake coins into their cup. Once we get to our spot under the pier they question me. "Why did you get us so early?"

I sigh as I begin to tell them of my encounter. "Why did you lie to her? You believe she's your sister. You look exactly alike except for some small differences. She must be your sister!" Liliann confirms, looking guilty.

"Spill," I demand. She tells me of her encounter with Jensen and I blow up at her. After chewing her out, I decide to move camp but first I must tel them of my plans. "I need to go back to the Fire Nation for a couple of days."

"What?! Why?" Liliann says quickly.

"I need to get some important documents from there. Why are you so shaken up by this? I'm obviously taking you with me," I say dumbfounded.

"I'm not going. I can't go back to that place," she says somberly.

"Why not?" I question. When I realize she will not respond, I address Drake. "Okay, then you are to stay here with her. Do whatever you must to survive and stay safe guys." As I say this I stand up and offer my hand to Drake.

"So we're moving spots?" He asks excitedly.

"Yup," I reply just as chirpy.

"Good, I hate walking on sand." He says as he runs towards the dirt path. We follow after him, me walking and Liliann trying to catch up to him.

I approach the top of the path.


"Ah ha! So it is the same girl!" I exclaim as Sori takes one of Jenniphine's arms. "So, are you my sister? Or are you going to jail?" I threaten, trying to ignore the scared faces of Liliann and the blind kid next to her.

"Neither," she says indifferently.

"There is no other option," I fire back.

"Sure there is. You let me go and I don't whoop your butts." This girl is much too cocky.

"I am the Avatar!" I yell.

"And I think you're a nut job," she says. She's making me very mad.

"Calm down Jensen," Sori and Jake both remind me.

"Jail it is," I say as I turn.

"NO!" Liliann screams. "You promised!" Fresh tears form in her eyes. I have to look away in order to stop myself from giving in. Why must I always look like the bad guy?

© 2013 TheGeekGirls

Author's Note

~G~ I bet you thought the first time they bumped into someone was when they met. WELL YOU'RE WRONG! XD

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