No scope the president

No scope the president

A Poem by The Guerrilla Warhol

Iron sights and 7.62. That f****r, among many others, must die. This is a song I'm writing full of screaming and simple acoustic guitar. When it's done, I want to record it with all of my friends helping out with vocals and such. It's gonna rule.


Why aren't you angry? Why aren't you scared?

Don't you know they steal your rights and strip you bare

while all of our brothers fight their senseless war?

These incognito nazis sell us cheap as w****s.

Well I'm pretty angry, and I'm scared for you.

You're all voluntary slaves but there's something you can do.

keep your money, I want change.

keep your money, i want change.


So buy a f*****g shotgun and some heavy leather boots.

It's time to dig up our patriotic roots.

The war is here against the ones you love,

so let's stop dreaming and start fighting those

who put themselves above.

keep your money, i want change.

keep your money, i want change.


I'm so mad I have to tell you that you only think you're free.

Taxes for George Bush ain't f*****g liberty.

And the Middle East has every right to hate you

as you gas up your hummer while their entire country starves.

Those are human beings with hearts and lungs

the same color as ours.

Disarm the bombs and let's have a multi cultural dinner


We need freedom in our heads and rifles in our hands

we'll march to the whitehouse and reclaim this sacred land.

There's so much blood already this I understand,

but I just want to cut out his tongue and kill him where he stands.

string him up from a tree hundres of years old

that he would have cut down when the property was sold.

keep your money, i want change.

keep your money, i want change.


So my neighbors and my friends, before this world ends

can we please be a country willing to make amends?

The world will only hate us if this tyranny goes on

help me stop the empire so we can live when it's done.

Keep your money give me change.

© 2008 The Guerrilla Warhol

Author's Note

The Guerrilla Warhol
It's not supposed to be genius, just to the point. The recurring line is adapted from a banksy piece.

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Added on July 9, 2008
Last Updated on July 9, 2008


The Guerrilla Warhol
The Guerrilla Warhol

Rochester, NY

I don't read much on here, but your comments are appreciated. Don't expect to learn unless you're willing to dig. All of the really inspired stuff was deleted in the server crash. So this is all jus.. more..