You, Me, We, Us, and Ours

You, Me, We, Us, and Ours

A Story by Symphonic_Sunflowers

Just a little bit of a lame thing. Don't mind me...



You're not my property.

You're not mine, not my person,

You're A person.

You're Jason, you're a person, who I love.

You're a person, a wonderful, wonderful person.

You're a darling, you're the retard that makes me laugh, and smile and over romanticise things.

You make me so lame, and silly

And you remind me that its okay to breathe, you remind that I'm not your person, but am my own person.

You make sure that I'm not brewing on the inside, you make sure that not only I'm okay, but that my mind is okay,

And I for you.

theres nothing that I wouldn't do for you,

And I hope you're the same for me.

When I was little, I used to always imagine getting married.

When I was six, I was proposed to with a cheese ring,

When I was 15, I convinced myself that I wanted to marry Matthew, but I couldn't see it.

I couldn't see above the clouds of convincing myself, because there was nothing to see.

But you, I can see it. I never thought it. I told myself, that I'll be in the present just for now. Not in the past, and nowhere near the future. But I couldn't help it, my mind gracefully danced to the thoughts, and the imaginings and the wishing and the wanting, and the hoping that you don't tire of me.

The 15th of June, this year, you poor little thing, you'll have been putting up with me, and the constant hormonal crying, and outbursts and the silly insecurities, and the picking of fights, and the drunken calls, and the lame jokes, and the terrible terrible comebacks. The silly talks, the serious talks, the fun times, the not so fun times.

Its only been 2 years, but it feels like so long.

It feels like 4 years.

I feel like, a silly 14 year old girl who thinks the first boy who kisses her is her true love.

You make me feel, like the things I feel aren't silly.

You make me feel like I've somewhat opened you up a bit.

You make me smile, when I don't feel like it, and you make me cry because all I want to do is stay with you.

You make me frustrated that I can't just grab my crap and throw it into your house.

You make me frustrated that we just can't grab our crap, and travel to god knows where, with all that money we don't have.

When we thought I was pregnant, I was a little sad when we found out I wasn't. I was relieved, but I was also sad, because in between all the stressing, and the worrying, id sit there and think; "would it be so bad?" but, to no avail, we don't have the money, and I don't think we will have the money anytime soon.

I love you, and I don't have to convince myself that I love you.

I don't have to sit there, and remind myself why I should love you, like with other relationships.

You make me so happy, and sad, and mad, and just well glad that you, of all people, want to stick with me, of all people.

You're my partner in crime,

My Lord of Time,

You're the person for me, not my person.

For me and you, are still, just me and you.

We are a we, and an us, but I don't want to mould myself into you, and I don't want you to mould yourself into me.

I want you to keep your privacy, and I want to keep mine.

I don't want your Facebook password, and you don't want mine.

You don't need to control aspects of my life, and I don't have to control yours.

Because you're you, and I'm me.

We're APART of our lives, but we are not each others lives.

You are not my life, you are apart of it. You stand beside me, holding my hand, not above me, or below me or even behind.

Just all nice, and snug beside me, as I stand beside you, your hand in mine.

© 2015 Symphonic_Sunflowers

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Hmm, I would say these are the words of somebody truly in love. I like the concept are you, and I am me. You don't want to change one another or mold each other into something else. I love it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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