The Family

The Family

A Story by Amund Schofield

I held our baby and looked at Him, I was happy. Our little miracle would make us a complete family, babies had that power. When everything else goes to s**t, the family always stays together for the children. We tried for so long to have our own, but the doctor said it was impossible. Eventually, we found our perfect adoptee, a newborn who wouldn’t remember how she became ours. I needed to make sure she wouldn’t remember.

Silently I promised our newborn that she would never experience the neglect or abuse Her parents did. I held her close, and thanked her for being quiet. It took some time to quiet her down, but a Mother can always calm her child.

“Are you happy?” He asked, wiping the knife clean.

“Yes. She’s going to a beautiful woman some day.” I cooed, holding a bottle to the babe's mouth. I needed her to grow up strong. “We should go to the beach tomorrow. She's never seen the beach.”

“No she probably hasn’t.” He smiled at her and stepped over the bodies. “We should get her back home. I have someone who will be able to push the necessary paperwork through.”

“Do we need paperwork?” I asked him as my entire body became heavy. “She’s our baby now!”

He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. “Don’t worry about it, me and my guy will take care of everything. I just want you to start thinking about schools.” His words relieved the pressure.

“We should leave soon. I don’t want the baby to be scarred because of our mess." The baby didn't need to see this, any of this. The baby would one day know just how long it takes her Daddy to complete one of his jobs, I just didn't want it to be today.

“I suppose so,” He agreed while he pulled out his phone. “I’ll have all of this cleaned up in a few hours.”

“She didn’t drink any of her bottle.” I sighed, looking down at the newborn.

“Everything will be fine,” He smiled and again my worries melted away. As I held our baby and looked at Him, I was happy.

© 2018 Amund Schofield

Author's Note

Amund Schofield
First draft, I plan on expanding on some of the details. Would like any feedback you can think of.

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Good story, full of intrigue and questions.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I'd say it's very good so far. Several questions are there, making one want to know further details. I saw several small errors, but then you said it's a first draft.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Amund Schofield
Amund Schofield

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I like to write. more..

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