Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Amund Schofield

"So you got enough money to start gaming with us?" Anthony asked as Rory sat at the table.
"I think so," Rory commented. With his fork he stabbed at the gelatinous mess that was his breakfast. "What's in this?"
"I think syrup, what's supposed to be pancakes and bacon," James poked at his breakfast. The table giggled. "I just hope that they don't serve this at the dance next week."
"There's a dance next week?" Rory stopped poking the food.
"Yeah... you didn't know?" James stabbed the mass.
"No. I don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff," Rory explained. 
"Rory, would you like to go with me?" Amanda asked, scooting closer to Rory.
"I... can't," Rory whispered.
"Why not?" Amanda smiled wrapping her arm around the boy, staring into his eyes.
"I... I... I..." Rory quivered and gasped. He looked at Rose, begging her for help.
"You want me to tell them?" Rose asked. Rory nodded, inching away from Amanda.
"Guys, Rory is gay." Rose said to the table.
Amanda looked at Rose, then at Rory. She sighed and freed the boy. "What is it with you and gay men?"
"What do you mean?" Rose drank from her water bottle.
"I mean... first it's Mike, then James, then this kid." Amanda pointed at Rory. "Seriously... get some straight friends."
"I have four straight guy friends," Rose fired back. "Just cause you slept with all four of them, doesn't mean I need to find you more."
"Whatever." Amanda rolled her eyes.
"I'd go out with you again." Drew smiled.
"F**k off small c**k," Amanda spat.
"At least I'm not loose!" Drew defended. 
Amanda shrieked as the table laughed. "Oh wow! I just got new prey..." Amanda purred, looking at the cafeteria's entrance. Rory turned to see who she was looking at. Izy had just entered the cafeteria. "Looks like I don't need your help after all." Amanda winked at Rose. Rory shared a smile with Rose.
"Rory!" Izy shouted and jogged over. "How are you?" Izy stood behind Rory, leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. 
"F**k!" Amanda stormed off, flipping everyone the bird.
"What's her problem?" Izy asked as he took her spot.
"She had the hots for you." Rory picked up the breakfast and held it in front of Izy. "It's good, I promise."
"OK. If you say so," Izy said apprehensively. He took the food in his mouth, and his face distorted. "You suck now." Izy spat the food on the plate.
"Are you two a thing?" Anthony pushed his plate away.
"I... think so?" Rory said looking at Izy.
"I'd like to say yes." Izy put his arm around Rory. 
"Then... we are a thing then?"
"Yes." Izy smiled and pulled Rory closer.
"I'm jealous," James said staring at Izy. Rory just smiled and snuggled into the hunk. "So... are you new here?"
"Yeah, I just started today. My family moved here from Florida," Izy explained. 
"Florida?" Rory relished the feel of Izy around him.
"Yeah. My mom decided that we needed a change." Izy shrugged.
"Why move here?"
"She had a feeling. I think so far her feeling is pretty good." Izy smiled.
"I would have to agree." Rory smiled back.
"You two," Rose pointed at the couple, "officially too cutesy."
"I agree." Anthony nodded. The warning bell chimed throughout the building, and the group decided to go on their ways. Over the next week, Izy and Rory were inseparable. In between each class, the two would hug, touch and caress each other. Amanda made it know, that if they ever wanted to try a woman, she was available. Rory thanked her, while Izy just laughed it off.
"So, do your parents know?" Rory asked Izy on their way to Friday's lunch.
"That I have curly hair?" Izy teased.
"No, that you have a boy..." Rory paused.
"Boy what?"
"Boy person?"
"Boy person?" Izy laughed.
"I... yeah. Do they?"
"Yes, they know I have a boy person." Izy laughed again.
"How did you tell them?" Rory asked, looking Izy in the eyes.
"Well, I told my Mom I kissed a boy... and she wanted to meet him and his parents." Izy explained.
"Really, it was that simple?" Rory asked.
"Yeah. Have you told yours yet?"
"No..." Rory fell silent. "So what happened to the boy?"
"We dated for a month, then he stole my pokemon cards."
"Wait, what?" Rory shouted.
"We were twelve." Izy explained. The two shared a laugh.
"So we're still on for Saturday, right?" Rory asked.
"Why wouldn't we be?" Izy pulled Rory into a hug.
"My parents don't know." Rory rested against him.
"It's alright. Some guys take a while to tell their parents." The two stood there for a moment before going to lunch. 
After school, Izy reminded Rory that tomorrow was their big day. Rose said she would make sure her friend was ready. She, once again, helped Rory keep his calm that night. The boy was bouncing around his room like a Mexican jumping bean. She finally got fed up, and forced him into a chair, threatening him with duck tape if he got up again.
After Rory calmed down, the duo watched movies. Around ten, Rose decided she should go home. Hugging her goodbye, Rory promised he would sleep. He realized moments after her departure, that he wouldn't be able to keep his promise. Butterflies instantly sprouted in his gut, and he could barely keep still. He tried to think about anything but Izy, but the hunk invaded his thoughts every time. "What is this boy doing to me?" Rory asked himself as he lay underneath his covers.
Rory stared at the alarm clock. It would change the numbers at the same slow pace, no matter how much Rory willed it to go faster. He tossed and turned, cursing his inability to settle down. Sighing, he rose out of bed, and walked over to his desk. He looked at the little laptop. It sat there, beckoning him. Without realizing it, Rory was on Facebook. He opened Izy's profile page and just stared at his picture. Then he noticed the messenger light up. Opening it, he realized Izy was online.

Izy: What are you doing up :)
Rory: I can't sleep.
Izy: You ok?
Rory : I think so.
Izy: Whats wrong?

Rory looked at the message, and his heart started to beat a little faster. Taking a breath, he typed back.

Rory: I'm nervous.
Izy: about...
Rory: Our date tomorrow.
Izy: lol
Rory: Why is it funny?
Izy: Cuz youre cute

Rory blushed and couldn't help but smile.

Rory: Well, so are you.
Izy: you gonna go to sleep
Rory: I wish I could.
Izy: nyquil?
Rory: No, I'm good.
Izy: allright... anything i can do to help
Rory: Probably not. I'm sorry.
Izy: its cool
Izy: why are you so nervous about tomorrow
Rory: I just don't want anything to go wrong.
Izy: Nothing will.
Rory: How do you know?
Izy: i like you a lot... and youre my boy person.
Rory: And you're my boy person, right?
Izy: of course
Rory: Why did you pick me?
Izy: I liked your red hair.
Rory: That all?
Izy: It was what attracted me at first... then I met you.
Rory: I think I'm going to bed now, thank you.
Izy: good night :)

Rory smiled as he closed his laptop. Talking to his boy-person seemed to have released the butterflies from his stomach. He crawled under his covers and cuddled his pillow. He wondered briefly what it would be like to cuddle against Izy instead of the feather filled sack. Soon he started dreaming about cuddling with Izy.
The next morning Rory showered three times, and changed his clothes five times. He ended up wearing the Nightwish shirt with his red jeans and black hoodie. He played with his hair for a half hour, and finally decided he was going to look as good as he ever could. When his mother asked if he was going to meet a girl, he replied saying he was going to go out on a date. His mother smiled, and walked away. Then his father told him to be safe. Rory simply nodded and made his escape.
He arrived at the record store an hour ahead of the time the boys had agreed upon. He nervously ran around the store, cleaning and organizing the merchandise. Rose finally slapped him again, and forced him to sit down next to the counter.
"I.. I can't sit here!" Rory tried to get up from the chair. Rose forced him back down, and sat on him.
"Rory... calm the f**k down!" Rose hissed with a raised hand.
Rory was going to protest, but decided against it. "I... what if I don't look good enough for him?"
Mike sighed. "If you were single... and eighteen, I would bend you over this counter and screw your virgin hole until you screamed for god."
"Really?" Rory looked at Mike.
"Yes. You're a hot kid." Mike winked.
Rory blushed, and hugged Rose. "I love you guys."
"We love you too," Rose said as she laid back into Rory.
Mike opened the register and handed forty bucks to Rory. "Here you go."
"What's this for?" Rory accepted the cash.
"Well, you worked on your day off." Mike smiled as he plopped down, next to the duo.
"Thanks Mike." Rory smiled happily. Rory talked with his friends about all the possibilities. Rose gave Rory her number in case anything went wrong. Then noon finally came around, and Izy walked in. He was wearing an extremely tight pink top, with loose black jeans. In his hand was a rather large wicker basket.
"Hi guys," Izy smiled at the group.
"You're the luckiest b*****d I know," Rose whispered to Rory as she got up. Mike's jaw just hung open as he stared at the teenager.
"Hi Izy..." Rory smiled and rose.
"You look amazing," Izy smiled. "I also really like the shirt."
"I hoped you would." Rory smiled, walking up to his boy-person.
"So you two are going on a picnic?" Rose commented on the basket.
"Yeah, you like picnics, right?" Izy put an arm around Rory.
"I've never been on one." Rory smiled. As he exited with Izy, he turned and waved at his friends. He wrapped his arm around Izy's lower back and leaned into him as they walked. Izy enjoyed the silence as the two walked their way to Keystone Park. Looking up at the sky, he asked it to remain sunny for the rest of the day.
The park was busy with families enjoying the wonderful spring weather. Rory's face turned white as he counted the amount of people there. Izy held him a bit tighter and led him into the park. After a few polite smiles from the families, Rory calmed down and went back to enjoying the date.
Izy led Rory under a rather large and secluded weeping willow. The hanging branches provided them with a cool shade. Rory sat on the red and white flannel blanket and watched as Izy pulled out a rather large lunch.
"You... you really did all of this?" Rory swooned.
"Yeah, it wasn't any trouble." Izy snuggled up next to Rory. "I kind of got the stuff from Morgin.. I didn't know what you ate besides the school food."
"It's OK. I'm just... you're taking me out on a date. That's more than I had thought was going to happen."
"What did you think was going to happen?"
"When we first met... I thought you were going to punch me for staring at you."
Izy let out a laugh.
"You're just really cute." Izy kissed Rory's cheek.
"Well... then I seriously considered you may just be pulling a prank on me." Rory sighed.
"Rory... I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to... be your boy-person." Izy grabbed a sandwich and handed it to Rory. "Morgin said it was your favorite."
"Chicken and cranberries... it is." Rory kissed Izy on his cheek.
"You eat really healthy don't you?" Izy grabbed another sub.
"Well... it started when I first met Morgin. He kind of yelled at Rose for eating unhealthy and I didn't want to piss him off.... what?" Rory shouted as Izy chuckled.
"You're just so worried about not making anyone mad. It's really cute... though I don't want you to be afraid of telling me anything." Izy grabbed Rory's hand and squeezed it.
"I'll try not to be." Rory smiled weakly.
"Don't be. You can tell me anything."
"I tried to commit suicide." Rory's eyes glimmered.
"Someone said you did... why?"
"Is it cause you found out you're gay?"
"Part of it was... I... I did something bad." Rory's breathing became heavy.
"You don't have to tell me just yet." Izy pulled Rory into a hug.
"You can wait?"
"As long as you need." Izy comforted his boy. The two went back to comfortably eating in silence. As they sat and ate, Rory began to scratch his arms. As the scratching became more frequent, Izy grabbed his arms. "OK, you need to stop before you make yourself bleed," He laughed.
"I'm sorry, but I itch everywhere!" Rory tried to break free.
"You take a long shower today?" Izy asked still restraining Rory.
"I took three showers..." Rory still struggled.
"You dried your skin out... I've got lotion, but you need to promise to not scratch before I put it on." Rory nodded, and Izy released him. Rory removed his sweater as Izy grabbed a pink bottle out of the basket. "It's a coconut lime lotion." Izy squeezed some into his palm.
"Really?" Rory giggled.
"I like the smell," Izy said as he rubbed it on Rory's arm. The sweet smell hit Rory's nose and he breathed in as much as he could. "You do to I see." Izy smiled.
"I do... can you get my back to?" Rory looked at Izy.
"You... you ready for me to see you half naked?" Izy stopped rubbing the arm.
"....I didn't think about it like that..."
"Would you rather I not?"
Rory looked at his boy-person and sighed. He slowly removed his shirt and looked away. "I would like it if you did."
"OK... lay on your stomach." Rory did as he was commanded. Izy straddled Rory's hips and squeezed more of the lotion into his hands. "Sorry." Rory then noticed that Izy's manhood was pressing against him.
"It's OK... just... I'm not ready for anything more than this." Rory rested his head against his folded arms.
"Neither am I." Izy massaged the cool cream into Rory's back, slowly loosening the boy's tightened muscles.
"So... what do you think?"
"Of what?" Izy asked as he massaged the lower back.
"What do you think of me, physically?" Rory quietly asked.
"I... you're beautiful Rory. I mean... I..."
"You what?" Rory giggled.
"Since we've met... every night I think about you when I... you know?" Izy stopped massaging.
"What are you talking about?" Rory's voice was filled with genuine curiosity.
"When I..." Izy leaned forward. "When I jack off." Izy whispered in Rory's ear.
"You what?" Rory squirmed out from beneath Izy. Turning over he pulled his knees up, hiding his own erection.
"You jack off too... don't you?"
"No..." Rory whispered.
"Oh..." Izy and Rory just stared at each other. "I could try to stop if it freaks you out."
"No... I just never thought I could make someone do that." Rory slid his arms out, and his jeans didn't hide his own problem.
"You're really hot... I wouldn't mind if you did that thinking about me." Izy smiled wickedly.
"I don't do that!" Rory squealed.
"Why not?"
"I... I don't know!" Rory squeaked. "I just don't."
"Well, you do know how, right?" Izy asked.
"What teenage boy doesn't?" The boys shared a laugh. "I guess I could try doing it when I think of you."
"Awesome..." Izy smiled wickedly. His eyes glimmered. "Use this image when you do." Izy ripped his shirt off. His tan chest was thick with muscles. The only body hair he had was a small dark patch between his two pecs.
"F*****g hell." Rory gasped as he stared at Izy.
Izy chuckled. "I thought the same when you took your shirt off."
"No you didn't. You're all muscular over there... and I'm..." Rory poked at his stomach.
"You're a total hotty." Izy crawled over Rory.
"You really are." Izy growled playfully. 
Rory leaned up and planted his lips on Izy. His heart swelled to the point where he thought it would explode. Then he fell back onto the blanket. "I'm sorry..." Rory breathlessly whispered. Izy laid on top of Rory and planted his lips on Rory. After a moment, they parted their lips and allowed their tongues to meet each other. The two muscles writhed against each other. Pulling back away from each other, the two smiled at their partner.
The boys lay next to each other, kissing and touching as they ate. Rory didn't care about hiding his erection. He even maneuvered his body so he could press it against Izy. After the food disappeared, Rory rested on Izy, his chest above his heart. Rory fell asleep listening to the rhythmic heartbeat.

© 2011 Amund Schofield

Author's Note

Amund Schofield
as always, grammar and voice.

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