4. Heart of a Vitriaren

4. Heart of a Vitriaren

A Story by DrLrdMsterDerek

Derek is tasked with terminating a ninja leader called the Blackhead as a final test to see if he is worthy of leading the Brotherhood of Llama Priests.

It was a scarcely populated area of Northern Siberia. Derek reached the top of a purely white mountain. As he laid at the top of the mountain, exhausted, Havier, who was the Llama King, approached him. Derek asked Havier, “What is the purpose of this?”
​ Havier answered, “You will know soon.” He then faded away into the snowy mountainside.
​Derek rested for the night, then continued his journey in the northeastern direction until he encountered a wooden building. When he approached this building, he was immediately captured by the assassin group known as the Black Hole. Each member that arrested him carried swords, guns, shields, and spears.
​ The capturers brought Derek to a throne made of gold melded with a metallic material that Derek failed to recognize. The eldered man who the Black Hole called the Blackhead was sitting in this throne. He explained to Derek how the other metal was from another planet, and how he would have to prove that he was tough enough to keep a secret in order to stay alive.
​ Derek accepted the challenge. Against the will of his gut, he took bare knuckle fighting over the weapon fighting, due to his lack of experience with any weapon other than his trumpet and his StanLey water bottle.
​ Once the fight took place, Derek’s opponent revealed herself to be a young woman named Chloe Nexerson. Believing that he was destined to lead the Brotherhood of Llama Priests, he allowed his pride to get the best of him. He fought carelessly. Chloe was easily able to defeat Derek, leaving him with the only option that fit in survival of fleeing back into the mountains. The Black Hole put a bounty on his head.
​ Derek was trembling in fear for his life when Havier appeared to him, asking, “What have you done child?”
​“I am no ch-child!” Derek answered.
​“Then quit acting like one. Trust me. Go back and challenge the Blackhead to a duel with weapons. When he tells you to pick your weapon, choose your water bottle.” Havier advised.
​After much internal debating, Derek did as Havier said with a grumble in his tone. When he reached the tower, the Blackhead accepted Derek’s challenge to the death. During their fight, the water bottle fired purple laser bolts from its tip from Derek’s thought. This disintegrated the Blackhead.
​ Chloe could tell that this was an act of bravery from the surprised look that painted Derek’s face. ​Derek was offered the position of Blackhead, and would’ve accepted if Chloe hadn’t talked him out of it. She then told him that she wanted to follow him back to Nigelville.

© 2016 DrLrdMsterDerek

Author's Note

This is the fourth of five short stories that prequel my first novel titled Brotherhood of Llama Priests: Big Moma Jude.

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Added on September 21, 2016
Last Updated on September 21, 2016
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