The Creator

The Creator

A Poem by DrSprinkz73

Wooden puppets dance swiftly to the beat of her desire


It is for my master that I fling my soul to the fire


Devil nor God could conquer me!


I've been taken by a Sphinx with no entity.


Is it no sin?


For I do everything unwillingly...


Is there no goodness?


For her thoughts are woven by cruelty.

A pleasure that I pay for irrational actions.

Great pain that I cannot refuse such fatal attractions.


There is nothing to be understood or forgot.

But remember that Sphinx was made in pure thought.


I die for her!


I live for her!



If I could...


 I'd kill her.


© 2011 DrSprinkz73

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uhhh...speechless. I'm not going to pat you on the back, but i may give you a hug. This is a very tough subject to speak your heart on and it looks like you've done just that. RESPECT!

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is a rather fine piece of poetry. There is a paradox of desire presented in these words which I think any normal and honest human being can relate to or at least understand. The Sphinx in question is a mythological bastion which draws like a sphere of influence all that can be understood about the perversity of basic instinct and human nature deep within. The battle that rages thus between rationality and its opposite is depicted, evoked and burnt out here in words like the licking of slow flames..

Posted 9 Years Ago

Every person thinks in a certain frame of mind--a certain paradigm, so to speak--and if the speaker utters words that is a mixture of two or more paradigms, it is often difficult to interpret what he means. Here, we find a mixture of characters whose "definitions" implicit in the utterance of the poem are not for what they were originally defined. Even how the word "Sphinx" here is used is unclear. It is not clear to what it refers to--there are no "word clues" as to what it symbolizes nor whether the speaker refers to the Egyptian or Greek Sphinx (see Wikipedia). There are reasons to believe however that the author refers to the more famous of the two--the Egyptian Sphinx. But to describe the Sphinx as having no entity, what is already symbolically vague becomes even more vague. I think this should be avoided in poem writing as it supplies no useful image to impress on the reader the author's world-view.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is f*****g good It has detail in it& it lures the readers in... This is going in my library for sure

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 6, 2011
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Chicago, IL

I am not a simple person. But I do prefer all the simplicities in life. I can't say it's my dream to become a published writer I ust enjoy what I do. I have goals. I tend to lean towards darker wr.. more..


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