Chapter 4: Alyssa

Chapter 4: Alyssa

A Chapter by ~Dragon X

After not dying from a butter knife made out of light, Felix is cut some slack by his Master to pay a visit to a special someone.

Master Rose peeled her hands from around Felix's and stepped back, making it look like Felix had stabbed himself on his own.
"Well don't just stand there. Pull it out." Master Rose folded her arms and watched expectantly.
Felix stared down at the little glowing knife in his fists in sheer shock. Master Rose's action indeed bewildered him, but what stunned him even more is that he felt....nothing. No stinging. No sharp pain. He wasn't even sure there was a tear in his shirt. It baffled him--the blade had clearly vanished into his flesh. Going by his Master's orders however, Felix swallowed, and carefully pulled it out with trembling fingers. He didn't feel any resistance doing so, as if the butter knife was lodged in only the empty expanse of air.
        Felix stared down at his chest and ran a hand over it after the sword was out-- even the threads in his shirt were still laced firmly together, oblivious to the knife that was there.
        A slight smile broke upon Master Rose's lips. "Oh good. It looks like your Sword of Light doesn't recognize you as evil." She looked at him thoughtfully. "Either that or its far too dull, making you way too weak-willed."
        Felix ran his hand up and down over his chest in disbelief. "Wh--what!?" He stuttered.
        "The Sword of Light does not harm good people," Master Rose informed casually and flicked her hair.
         Felix stared at his Master. "But--what if it did kill me!?"
         Master Rose smirked. "Well then, there'd be one less evil in the world, wouldn't there?"
         Felix opened his mouth to respond to this, but instead simply let out a wimpy breath of air. I...I get the feeling Master enjoys tormenting me......
Master Rose patted Felix's head. "Just loosen your grip on your sword, and it should dissolve into the air. Just make sure it never touches your right arm," she remembered to tell him as Felix extended a finger to poke the knife with his right black finger absent-mindedly. 
Felix froze and immediately jerked his hand away. "R--right!" Felix stretched the fingers of his left hand as instructed, and the butter knife seemed to drop like a normal piece of silverware at first, but as it fell it dissolved away, the flecks of light spreading apart and fading into the air. Felix then looked up to Master Rose. "Should...should I start taking care of the house then?" Felix asked, wondering if he should begin his chores now.
Master Rose cocked her head at him, appearing slightly surprised. "No."
"...N...o...?" Felix was puzzled. That's what I usually this point she'd give me something specific to do and /'d go and do it.......
"No," Master Rose repeated. "Don't you know what today is?"
Felix studied his Master, trying to figure it out, but his efforts were in vain. He shook his head. "No....." I don't have a calendar I can check every day.......
"It's your girl-friend's birthday," Master Rose said, folding her arms. 
Felix blinked. "Her--? Oh....." Felix looked down.
Master Rose patted his back, not roughly, but not gently either. "You should visit her."
Felix stared at the ground. He was silent for a little bit before responding. "You'll let me...? What about chores...?"
Master Rose shook her head. "You can get that done afterwords. Make sure you roll down your sleeves and put on some gloves. People don't like demons. Even halves like you."
Felix rolled down his sleeves and nodded. "...Thank you so much, Master...."
Master Rose nodded and grunted as a "your welcome".
With that, Felix sped off into the cottage. He slipped on an old pair of leather gloves he used to hide his right hand in when in public. He ran into his little room, and yanked open a drawer from the little dresser by his bed. In it were the few precious gold pieces his Master's given him sparingly, only to be used in very important situations. Felix scooped them all up, and with this money, shot out of the cottage and in the direction of the prosperous city nearby.
Felix wasted no time. Even with the proper covering, he knew he'd attract attention if he spent too much time in town. He spent much of the few gold pieces at a floral shop in the marketplace. Clutching a bouquet of pink roses in his sweaty palms, he then hurried to get to her in time.
The sky was grayer and the clouds were rolled in, masking the sun; pleasing to Felix's light-sensitive eyes. The breeze was slightly chilly and red or orange leaves tumbled along. The noise of the people quieted as Felix neared her. Eventually all heard was the howl of the wind when Felix stopped at the iron gates, left open to all. He took in a deep breath, and marched through.
It took a little bit of searching to find her. Felix has only been to her in this location only once before, so he had trouble remembering where she was. Finally though, he found her name inscribed on a slab of stone at the head of a slightly raised mound of dirt, where the grass stopped its growth to reveal the soil in an oval-like shape.
Felix stared down at the grave. "Happy Birthday, Alyssa...." He muttered, words carried and swallowed by the steady rhythm of wind.

© 2012 ~Dragon X

Author's Note

~Dragon X
I'm changing things a bit by ending things on a slightly lower note.~ ^^'

Anything I can improve on? Anything I can make better somehow? XD Your reviews are so very appreciated! ^^

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Okaaaaaay, I've finally sat down long enough to read this through.

At first I was so happy for Felix

//What I was really doing//


*reads last part*


I love this chapter! You're doing a fantastic job with it. :D
So sorry I couldn't review it sooner. :P


Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

OMG! I've been graced by Breezy's presence! O.O

Awww, thank you so much. ^^

read more
Awww. :'( That was so sad. I was really happy when I realized that Felix wasn't completely alone...but... :'(

I think your writing is SPECTACULAR. In this one chapter, you made me (almost) cry and laugh. It's superb.

The thing about the evil-good people is awesome. How did you even think of that? o.o

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Hahaha Jazz, you don't know how much reviews mean to me. ^^'

Yeah, sometimes I wish I c.. read more
Jasmine Thousand

11 Years Ago

XD I do. Everyone loves to see that tiny "review" button in the corner of their screen. :P
read more
~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

True, true.... o.o

Hmm, I know what you mean....

So it's those kind of.. read more
Wait.... WHAAA? I didn't review this?! I read it yesterday! My darn stupid memory. You can hate on my memory if you'd like Dragon. -_- It's so slow.

Anyways, awesome chapter! LOL, I knew he wouldn't die from the butter knife! The Sword of Light seems pretty interesting.... I wonder if I could conjure one. But then I'd probably die because my evilness would be to much for it.

Hmm....some things you might want to improve on are details on his feelings and surroundings. Trust me details can make your chapters longer too and more rich. I'm trying to do better at detailing myself. :)

But all in all I think this deserves a 95. Keep it up Dragon!

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Hahaha, we all forget sometimes XD

Thank you Sumayya! ^^' Nah, I bet the sword wouldn.. read more
Love it. The begining is good. You have thought out the details of the Sword of Light great. And the details in the rest of the chapter is great as well. I love how you don't give away anything about Felix's girlfriend until he's at the graveyard. Amazing. I can't wait to read Chapter 5. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Awww, thank you so much Rider! :D I'm so glad you enjoy it. ^^
Dark Rider

11 Years Ago

Your welcome!
OOOooooooo! I love the knife in the beginnning. So, Alyssa is dead but Felix comes and says Happy Birthday to her? Oh.

Aren't you always suppose to keep the female alive and the male dead? XD Jk

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Hahaha thank you XD Er, yes....isthatabadthing? He was visiting her grave.....isthatabadthing? o.eread more
Forever Hidden

11 Years Ago

LOL Thanks for postin this up
~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Er, no problem....I'm getting the feeling there's something I can improve on, however....^^'.....

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