Little Spider, Little Spider

Little Spider, Little Spider

A Poem by ~Dragon X

A curious person finds a curious spider. A curious love ensues.


Little spider, Little spider,

I found you dressed and dapper,

Crawling about my keyboard,

Discovering the unexplored.


With those beady little eyes,

I thought they were two, but they were nine!

That white face of an owl,

That body of dark hair-cowl.


Little spider, little spider,

You inspire.

I wasn't afraid,

afraid of your trade.


Little spider, little spider,

I wanted such critter.

I wanted you forever,

forever and ever.


Little spider, little spider,

I put you in plastic and trapped you with claspers,

I set you by my desk and studied you,

With my close-up spectacular view.


Little spider, little spider,

Your fate grew graver,

no matter where you cleave,

you cannot leave.


Little spider, little spider,

that was your last hour.

I was wrong to imprison you,

but it is too late--

Little spider, dead spider.

© 2011 ~Dragon X

Author's Note

~Dragon X
Ok, this sort of really happened. The spider really had a white face and it was hairy, and it was the COOLEST spider I've ever seen. I'm not usually not uncomfortable around spiders, and I absolutely loved it. XD I also first thought it had 2 eyes and thought it looked a lot like an owl. I put it in a spacious plastic container.
The spider had a much happier experience with me. I did not put clasps over the top of the container, the spider had only 4 eyes (at least that's all I saw) I did look at it for a while, but not like those creepy scientist guys. O.o I just loved the way it looked like and owl, and the side of its head looked almost like a person's head (which was weird since it was attatched to a spider body) after looking at it for a bit I went outside, opened the lid, and let it crawl out. And that was the end of my happy experience with the spider. :3
P.S the image doesn't exactly match the spider I saw. The one I saw was cooler. XD

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Awwwww. Such a cute poem!

I usually hate hate hate hate any insect, but this poem brought me just a teensy weensy closer to spiders XD

Posted 7 Years Ago

this brings to mind an allegory of a serial killer who has abducted and kept the girl in his basement and starved her to death because he wanted her so much i understand it's the real thing, but the poor spider didn't have to be held captive like that til it died. seems rather sadistic. well written.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Poor little spider. I must admit I was feeling sorry for it. I enjoyed the story in this poem, how it did tell a tale.

Posted 8 Years Ago

lol! I love it the imagry brought the little guy/gal to life...I love spiders!!! Great poem A+ for you and your spider!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love the barn owl! It is my favorite bird. Spiders are amazing! I have had 3 spiders attempt to spin webs on my hand. I love black widows! The look so cool! It's to bad they're poisonous or I would probably sit for hours with them crawling all over my hand.

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is so cute
i love it!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I just loved this! It was beautifully written and the touch of humor was splendid!

Brilliant write!

Posted 8 Years Ago

awwww cute and sweet little story!!! (first reaction after reading first stanza)'s interesting poem... (reaction after reading last stanza)
I love how the poem goes from all smiley to so sorrowful. Beautiful poem, I love the rhyme scheme. The flow is nice and really pretty. One of my favorites!!!
~Jasmine Thousand~

Posted 8 Years Ago

realy good. it flows well and sorta reminds me of a nercery rhyme.

Posted 8 Years Ago

It has three things:
1. Good Story
2. Good Rythem
and 3. Humor

It needs something:
A better rhyme scheme. Unless this is free lance, it DEFINITELY needs a better rhyme scheme. You have a good rhyme scheme in one stanaza, and no rhyme scheme at all in the next.
'side that, good job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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~Dragon X
~Dragon X

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