What He Says

What He Says

A Story by Peppy

Just read it. It ends in another death...

"You need to become more responsible for yourself!" Nikki's mother said to her while she was eating breakfast.
"I know, mom..." Nikki said.
"Stop paying attention to boys while you're at school. I send you there to learn!" She said.
"I know, mom..." Nikki said again.
"I pay attention in school," her sister, Corine, cut in.
"That's why you're smart, unlike Nikki." Mom said.
"Whatever," Nikki mumbled. She stood up and swung her backpack over her shoulder.
"Bye," She said. No one replied. She walked out.
At school, Nikki walked through the hallway, waiting for her daily dose of taunt. Then it hit her, literally. She was shoved against a locker.
"Hey, Bloody Nikki," Buster said.
"What do you want?" Nikki said, letting her black bangs fall on one side of her face, covering her eye.
"You are such an emo..." he said.
"Wow, picking on a girl? What, you aren't tough enough for your own kind?" Someone said. Nikki looked behind Butch and sighed in relief. Cory to her rescue.
"I'm tough enough for you," Buster said to him.
"Right, because last time I checked, your mom brought you clean underwear to replace the ones that you had a little accident in yesterday. Yeah, I was there. I saw." Cory said. He was the king at blackmailing. Buster's eyes widened and he stomped away, muttering curse words under his breath. Cory smiled and Nikki smiled back. She walked up to him and nudged him.
"Saved my life again," She said.
"Yeah. So what's new?" Cory asked. They linked arms and walked toward class. They adored each other. But niether knew it.
"Oh, nothing. Mom's nagging on me again. I feel like every day our relationship gets worse and worse,"
"It's part of growing up," Cory said.
"You sound like my father," Nikki laughed.
"Nikki.... I am your father," he said, dramatically. They giggled and our bodies bounced against each other.
"Yeah, my father..." Nikki whispered to herself.
In class, Cory sat behind Nikki. They were expecting a new student today. And they got one.
"Class, this is Reeve Tiles. He's our new student,"  the teacher said. No one said a word. Reeve had already made a strange appearance. Dressed in black, pale skin, and as he walked to his desk, he didn't look up at anyone. Except for Nikki. Their eyes met. It was like lightning, shocking her straight in the eye. She quickly looked down.
At lunch, Nikki sat with Cory, Claire, and Ashton.
"You got a new kid?" Claire said.
"Yeah, he's strange..." Cory said.
"Wait, are you talking about Reeve?" Ashton asked.
"Yeah," Cory said.
"Oh yeah! He's really creepy! He got on the bus today, and moped to the backseat. He looked so miserable!" Ashton explained.
"He didn't look at anyone when he walked into class," Cory said. "But him and Nikki met eye contact," Cory looked at Nikki.
"Oh... uh... yeah. We did," Nikki said. Cory looked at her weirdly.
"Look! He's sitting by himself," Claire pointed at the table Reeve was sitting at. "I dare you to go over there, Nikki,"
"No..." Nikki said.
"Come on! She dared you!" Ashton said.
"She said no!" Cory shouted. Everyone at the table went quiet.
"It's fine, Cory, I'll go," Nikki said and stood up. She walked over to Reeve's table.
"Bet you feel like an idiot now," Ashton said.
"Shut up, Ashton," Cory said and flicked a carrot at him.
Nikki plopped down next to Reeve. "Hey," she said. He looked at her and looked back at his lunch. "Okay...." Nikki said. She wanted to start a conversation. "I didn't want to leave you alone,"
Reeve laughed. "First person to care," he said. His voice was normal.
"Is that a good thing?" Nikki asked.
"What do you think?" Reeve said.
Nikki's mind went blank. "I don't know..."
"Are you emo?" Reeve asked.
Nikki's eyes widened. "Yeah, why?" She lied.
"Mm," Reeve mumbled.
Nikki looked confused. "Well... nice meeting you!" She said and scurried away. She sat down at her table.
"Well?" Claire asked.
"That was an interesting convo," Nikki said and slammed her head down on the table.

At home, Nikki sat on the couch and watched T.V. She heard her sister and mother fighting from the kitchen.
"Do the dishes!"
"I know!"
"You didn't do them yet!"
"I have homework!"
"Stop talking back!"
"Make me!"
Nikki heard a slapping noise. Then her mother shouted more. Nikki covered her ears. Her mother had slapped Corine in the mouth.
Corine was brave enough to fight back. Nikki had learned not to. Corine and Nikki were completely different.
When their father died, Corine was angry, but Nikki was sad. Corine was good at everything. Nikki... nothing. Corine was loud. Nikki was quiet. Corine- brave. Nikki- weak.
Nikki pulled out a notebook and paper and started writing a story. Her mother walked out of the kitchen.
"What are you working on?" She asked.
"I'm writing a story..." Nikki answered.
"You need to be reading one, not writing one," Her mother said.
"I know..." Nikki whispered.
"What do you write about, anyway?" Her mother asked.
"Their love stories,"
"What do you know about love? You've never been in love,"
Nikki stopped writing. She put her pencil down and stood up.
"Where are you going?" Her mother said.
"To my room," Nikki said. She went to her room.
"Don't slam that door!" Her mother warned.
Nikki slammed it.
"NIKKI!!!" Her mother shouted. She heard her coming down the hall. Nikki quickly took out her stories and tore them up, page by page. She escaped through her window. Nikki's mother barged in and saw Nikki was gone. She kneeled down and looked the papers on the floor.
"Nikki..." she sighed.
Nikki met up with Cory at the park. They sat on a bench and talked.
"I ripped up all my stories..." Nikki said.
"Why?! They were good stories!" Cory said.
"My mom was being... you know," Nikki said.
"Again?" Cory asked.
Reeve walked up to them. "Hey," he said.
"Hi, Reeve," Cory said.
"Hey," Nikki said. "This is Cory,"
Cory smiled.
"Mm," Reeve mumbled.
"Okay..." Cory said. "Imma go take a leak,"
"There's no bathrooms," Nikki said.
"I'll find one." Cory said and walked away. Then there was the awkward silence. Reeve stood there and Nikki stared at him. Reeve was ugly. He had black raggedy hair. His fingernails looked like they had been chewed to the skin. He could never come close to Cory's looks, thought Nikki.
"Why are you upset?" Reeve asked.
"Huh?" Nikki said.
"You look depressed," Reeve said.
"And you look like you won't care," Nikki said.
"Hm, I won't," Reeve said.
Nikki sighed, "My mom yelled at me for slamming my door. Before that, she was telling me I don't know anything about love,"
"Then yell back," Reeve suggested.
"Are you crazy? My sister does that and she gets slapped in the mouth! She's younger than me and she's braver," Nikki said.
"Don't take that crap! Hit her back!" Reeve shouted.
"My mom's probably why I can't defend myself.... because I'm afraid. My biggest fear is death, but sometimes I wonder what it's like to die," Nikki whispered.
Reeve looked at her deeply. Then shook his head and leaned back. "You're afraid of death? Psh, you are so not emo. You probably think that we're friends,"
"Huh? Aren't we?" Nikki asked.
"I don't have friends. I'm not a friend person,"
"I thought you were better than that!"
"You think I'm human? Ha!" Reeve laughed.
"You are human! You just don't believe it!"
"I don't have heart,"
"You do! You just dont BELIEVE in it!"
"I was born without one..."
"Whatever, Reeve,"
"You can go now,"
"What? Now you're kicking me out?"
"I assumed you wanted to leave,"
"Fine! I will!" Nikki stood up and started walking. She looked back at Reeve. He just sat there and didn't say anything. "I thought you changed," Nikki whispered.

At school the next day, Nikki avoided Reeve. She didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.... but she couldn't stay away. His words affected Nikki. He doesn't believe in himself, Nikki would say over and over in her mind.
In life skills, the class had to write their name in their notebooks. They had to pass their notebooks around to other people, and that other person would write an opinion on the same page.
Nikki got Cory's notebook. She thought about what to write. Then she smiled to herself and wrote: You are the best, funniest, most amazing guy I've ever met. Always make me smile.
They ran out of class time and no one got to see the comments in their notebooks. They had to wait for the next day.
At lunch, Nikki stared at Reeve by himself at the table. She had told Cory what happened, and he grew angry.
"You're still upset," Cory said to her.
"No," Nikki whispered.
"I'll talk to him," Cory said and stood up.
"No!" Nikki shouted and pulled him back down.
"Why not? You still care for him?" Cory asked.
"No..." Nikki said.
"That's all you say now! 'No'." Cory said, furiously.
No, Nikki thought in her mind.
After school, Nikki texted Claire.
"Heading to the park,"
"I want to say sorry to Reeve,"
"Cory is gonna get mad. He might be jealous."
Then Nikki bumped into someone. It was Reeve.
"Hi..." she said.
"Hey..." Reeve said.
"I wanted to say sorry about yesterday," Nikki said.
"Okay," Reeve said.
Okay?! That's it?! Okay?! Nikki wanted to say, but she didn't want to start something.
They both sat down by the tree again. Nikki texted Cory to come.
"That's it," Reeve said.
"I cursed you,"
"With what?"
"I was already cursed with you,"
"No. You don't know what I'm capable of doing,"
"I'm not afraid of you,"
"Why would you be?"
"Because you think I am."
Reeve looked up at the sky. "Ask yourself why,"
"What?" Nikki asked.
"You said everything has a reason. So ask yourself why. Ask yourself why before you do something. Ask yourself while you're doing it. Ask yourself after you did it. Why?" Reeve explained.
"Like..." Nikki said.
"Like... why are you here?"
"Because I wanted to talk to you,"
"I came here to talk to you, too..."
"See? I was already cursed with you!"
They smiled at each other. Cory saw them together.
"Idiot," Cory whispered. He walked away, angrily.

The next day, Nikki walked in the hall alone again. Then, it was like deja vu, she was shoved again.
"Buster!" She looked up. It wasn't just Buster...
"Hello, Nikki," Cory said and grinned.
"Cory? What the heck is going on?!" Nikki shouted.
"I would tell you, but you're too retarded to understand," Cory said. Buster guffawed. They high-fived.
"Cory! We're best friends!" Nikki said.
"Grow up, Nikki. I don't need you," Cory said. Nikki winced and looked down. She blinked back tears as Cory's words echoed in her mind.
"Why are you doing this?" She asked, tearfully.
"You never listen to me. I'm tired of it. Besides, what can I do with a girl like you? We'll never get anywhere. You're too... emo." Cory said.
That was it. Nikki dropped her books and ran out of the school.
In life skills, everyone got their notebooks back. Cory turned to the page of his and read all the comments. Then, he saw Nikki's. He read it slowly. Again.... and again. There was even a signature, which no one bothers to put. He read it: "Love.... Nikki." Next to her name was a small, perfectly doodled heart. Cory's eyes widened and he looked over at Nikki's desk. She wasn't there. "Oh no..." Cory whispered, "What have I done..." He stood up and ran right out of the classroom, ignoring the shouts of teachers and cheers of students.

Nikki went home. It was empty. Her sister was at school and mom at work. She went into her room and sat on her bed. Then something caught her eye. On her dresser, was one of Mom's dinner knives. Nikki had took it and attempted to cut herself, but failed.
Nikki took it again and stared at it. She saw her reflection in the knife. In her eyes, she was ugly. "How could Cory love me with a face like this?" She said aloud. Then, she screamed at herself and sliced her wrist with the knife. She cried with the pain. Again, she cut above the first cut. Up my arm, she thought. Up my arm and then into my heart.
"Don't do it," someone said. Nikki looked up. Reeve had somehow gotten in.
Nikki jumped up and faced the knife toward her heart. "Don't stop me! I deserve this!" She screamed.
"No you don't! I understand your pain, but don't!" Reeve shouted.
"I DON'T WANT TO BE AFRAID ANYMORE!" Nikki screamed. Reeve stepped toward her and she stepped back.
"NIKKI!" Cory shouted and ran in, pushing Reeve.
Nikki jumped. Her hand jerked when she did. The knife cut through her flesh and went right through her. "Cory?" She whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks. She fell to the ground.
"B*****D!" Reeve shouted and grabbed Cory.
"NO!" Cory shouted and pushed Reeve off of him. He ran toward her, kneeled down, and held her in his arms. Cory cried hard.
Nikki smiled as her eyes slowly closed. Cory touched her face and she reached up and held his hand against her face. Her grip was tight. Then, it loosened and her hand fell.

© 2011 Peppy

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You made me cry. :c.
But it was wonderful.~~~~

Posted 6 Years Ago

Awesome :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

Are ya gonna make a vid for this?

Posted 8 Years Ago

it was good but reeves character confused me alittle

Posted 8 Years Ago

erm.. i 'm not a emo lover, but i agree with Nikki, my biggestst fear is death, but i do want to know what its like..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Fiercly renouned for the plainative reflection of all human behaviour, it conjures up resentment and that adolesent feel to responsibility and right for life, morbid at times, but even that risks at the reader to carry on, well done, a good read.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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