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We're Not the Same

We're Not the Same

A Story by Peppy

Sequel to Split


     Kristen slipped into her new sports jersey and jeans (Which she had purposely ripped up herself). She went up to her calendar and look at today’s date. February 1st. Her and Kristina’s twin birthday. The first birthday they will have together. She ran downstairs and saw Kristina already waiting for breakfast. Hold in the jealousy, Kristen thought, This is our birthday.

     She sat down next to Kristina and asked, “Mom, what’s for breakfast?”’

     “Your favorite: French toast with cinnamon,” Mrs. Sky said.

     “My favorite, too!” Kristina squealed. Mrs. Sky served them their breakfast. Mr. Sky came downstairs.

     “Happy birthday, kiddos! How old are we now?” he asked.

     “Seventeen,” Kristina and Kristin said at the same time.

     “Whew! I’m getting old!” Mr. Sky said. Kristina giggled and Kristin rolled her eyes.

     At school, Kristin searched for Justin. She couldn’t find him. She gave up and went to her locker. When she opened it, there was a note. “Kristin, meet me outside on the football field A. S. A. P. Bring your sister,” it said. Kristin held the note against her heart and dashed away to find Kristina. Once she found her, they ran outside.

    Justin had gathered the whole football team. They each ripped their shirt off, revealing a letter painted on each of them. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TWINS!” it said. Kristina squealed and jumped up and down, while Kristin shook her head and laughed. Justin and Austin ran over to claim their girlfriends. Justin hugged Kristin.

     “Happy birthday, baby,” he whispered in her ear. Kristin laughed, dorkily, and kissed Justin.

     “So, who set this up, you or Justin?” Kristina asked Austin.

     “Both of us,” Austin said.

     “Aw, Gabe!” Kristina said and squeezed Austin.

     “Gabe?” Austin asked. Kristina realized what she said and looked up at Austin.

     “I mean…” Kristina started to say.

     “I get it.” Austin said. Kristina bit her lip. Kristin and Justin looked at each other and shrugged.


     “I can’t believe I called him Gabe!” Kristina exclaimed. Kristin was in her room using Kristina’s laptop because hers broke.

     “I can’t believe it either,” Kristin agreed, not really paying attention.

     “I thought I moved on. I’m the one who broke up with Gabe! He had come to visit me. He dressed up and invited me to dinner. And I disappointed him… because I fell in love with someone else,” Kristina said. Kristin paused for a moment and thought.

     I’ll never fall in love with someone else other than Justin. We’ve known each other forever, she thought. She ran her fingers through her hair, and then she continued surfing the internet.

     “I wonder if Gabe or Austin keeps secrets from me,” Kristina said. “What if they’re hiding something, too?”

     Yeah, what if Justin’s hiding something? Kristin thought.

     “Can I have my computer back? What are you doing anyway?” Kristina asked.

     “Looking up the latest porn sites,” Kristin smirked.

     “KRISTIN!” Kristina shouted.

     “Kidding! Kidding!” Kristin laughed.


     The twins sat at the same lunch table with Justin. Austin was absent. Mayah walked by with Cheyenne and Brooke.

     “Ew, Kristina. You ditched us for those two dorks? I hope it’s not because you felt bad,”  Mayah said.

     “Back off, you tool,” Kristin said, gripping her water bottle. Justin snorted and Kristina’s eyes widened.

     Mayah started walking, then she whispered, “Lesbian,”

     Kristin shot up out of her seat, “Is there something you want to say to my face?

     “I’m sorry. Did I not make that clear? What I said was… lesbian,” Mayah smirked.

     Kristin picked up her water bottle, opened it, and threw it at Mayah. She was drenched with water. She screamed. Justin stood up and held back Kristin. Kristina went over to Mayah and rushed her to the office to get cleaned up.

     “Why’d you do that?!” Justin asked.

     “You could’ve defended me and that wouldn’t have happened!” Kristin pushed Justin.

     “You couldn’t just talk to her?” Justin said.

     “You couldn’t just shut up?!” Kristin shouted.

     “Can’t you act like a girl for once and not blow off people?!” Justin yelled. The cafeteria got quiet. Kristin looked around.

She sat down and said, “Fine,” crossing her arms.

     At home, dinner was awkward. Kristin picked at her food. Kristina looked at her mother and father, timidly. Mr. and Mrs. Sky exchanged looks.

     Finally, Mr. Sky said, “Kristin, did something happen at school today?”

     “No,” Kristina said, still looking at her food.

     “Kristina?” Mrs. Sky asked. Kristina looked at Mrs. Sky. Then, she looked at Kristin. Kristin glared at her. Kristina looked down.

     “Well…. Mayah was bothering us…” Kristina said. Kristin put her fork down and leaned back in her chair. “I mean… first Kristin called her a tool. So Mayah called her a lesbian. So then Kristin poured water on her…”

     “Kristin!” Mrs. Sky shouted.

     “She started it!” Kristin debated.

     “You did not have to use foul language and physical things!” Mrs. Sky said back.

     “Why can’t you be more like you’re sister?” Mr. Sky asked.

     Kristin stood up. “Ugh! I can’t believe you just said that!”

     “Kristin, don’t go. Justin’s coming over to study with us,” Kristina said.

     “Is this really a good time to bring him up?” Kristin asked. Kristina opened her mouth… then shut it. Kristin pushed in her chair with force and stomped upstairs. The doorbell rang and Kristina answered the door.

     “Oh heyyy…. Justin…” Kristina said. They sat down in the living room. “It’s just you and me tonight.”

     “Why? Where’s Kristin?” Justin asked.

     “Upstairs… she doesn’t really want to talk to you right now,” Kristina whispered.

     Justin sighed, “Is she mad about the whole thing from the cafeteria?”

     “I guess,”

     Kristin went down the stairs for a glass of water. She heard Justin’s voice and froze. Then, she listened to what he was saying.

     “Ugh! She just… she tries so hard to be a tomboy! What’s she gonna do when she’s older? Burp loudly in front of her husband at the dinner table? I want a girlfriend who acts like a girl! No wonder Mayah called her a lesbian. Because it’s like we’re two guys dating! She’s the friggin’ man in our relationship. Why can’t she be more like you, Kristina?” Justin blurted.

     “Yeah… I guess,”

     She didn’t even defend me, Kristin thought as tears rolled down her cheeks. I don’t want to let go of Justin. I like him too much. I’ll just pretend I never heard anything.

     After Justin left, Kristina went to her room. Her phone rang, coincidently. She picked it up.

     “Hello?” She answered.

     “Hey. It’s good to hear your voice,”

     Kristina’s stomach dropped. She breathed, “Gabe?!”

     “Yeah. It’s me,” Gabe chuckled, “What’s up?”

     “Uh… I… er… just finished studying,” Kristina stuttered.

     “Good. How’s Austin?”

     “Um… good, I guess. May I ask why you’re calling?”

     “Well… I wanted to let you know that I’m moving to New Jersey. I’ll be able to see you more… as a friend,”

     “That’s… great. I can’t wait to see you,” Kristina said, smiling to herself. “I have to go. It’s late.”

     “Alright. Bye,” Gabe said.

     Kristina hung up with no words spoken.


     At school, Kristin walked up to Justin.

     “Hi, Justin,” she said and smiled.

     “Kristin! What are you doing here?” Justin said as he looked around.

     “What do you mean?” Kristin asked, still smiling.

     “You can’t be hanging around me after what happened yesterday. It’ll give me a bad reputation,” Justin whispered.

     “What?! You can’t-“ Kristin was about to yell. But then she remembered about last night. Be a girl. She calmed down. “Okay…” she whispered. She started walking away, but someone tripped her. She landed on her face, but looked up at Justin. He looked concerned and started walking toward her. Someone stepped in front of him.

     “Hey, are you okay?” The boy asked.

     “Move. I want Justin to help me,” Kristin grunted. The boy moved. Justin shrugged at Kristin and walked away. Kristin fought back tears and put her head down. The boy grabbed her hand and lifted her up. “Why did he do that?” Kristin asked.

     “Gee, he seems to care about you,” the boy said.

     “He’s my boyfriend,” Kristin said, getting over her tears.

     “Oh,” the boy said.

     “Yeah… so… bye!”



     “What’s your name?”


     “I’m Dominic,”

     “Nice. Bye!” Kristin said and walked away. Dominic sighed.


     “Gabe!” Kristina squealed when she saw him. They were at the park. Austin had tagged along, too.

     “Heyyy,” Gabe said. They hugged and Austin awkwardly stood there. When they let go, Kristina was still smiling.

     “I’m so glad you’re here!” she said.

     “Haha… yeah…” Austin said and smiled uneasily.

     Silence. Austin and Gabe stared at each other. Kristina stood in the middle and rubbed her arm.

     “Hey! I know you!” Someone shouted and broke the silence. Kristina looked up and saw Kristin and Justin heading their way.

     “Kristin!” Kristina ran up to her and put her arm around her.

     “What the he-“

     “Thank God, you saved me from awkwardness,” Kristina cut in. She lead Kristin to Gabe.

     “Gabe, this is my twin sister I’ve been talking about, Kristen. You haven’t seen her yet.”

     “’Sup,” Kristen nodded.

     “Whoa! That’s so weird! You two look so alike!” Gabe said.

     “Duh, they’re twins,” Austin said. Kristina glared at him.

     “Yeah, but their personality is way different,” Justin clarified. Kristin shoved him.

     “Why do you say that?!” She shouted.

     “Say what?!”

     “Never mind…” Kristin whispered.

     “Well, this is awkward,” Austin said. Kristina slapped her forehead.


     Kristin plopped onto the couch with the jar of cookies and watched T.V. This was her idea of a perfect home alone night. Kristina was at Austin’s football game. Her parents were at their school meeting. Kristin finally had a break.

     “I hope nobody needed these,” Kristin chuckled as she shoved a cookie into her mouth. She heard the back door open.

     “Hello?” she called out. No answer. Kristin shrugged, thinking it was the television show. She heard the door shut. “Mom? Dad?” she called out again. No answer. She heard things falling to the floor, like someone was searching for something. Kristin grabbed her cell phone slowly, then she ran outside through the front door. She dialed her dad’s phone number.

     “Pick up! Pick up!” She yelled. It went straight to voicemail. “Ugh! Screw you voicemail!” She screamed. Kristin ran to the house across the street. She didn’t know them, but she pounded on the door wildly. “Help! Let me  in! Please!”

     The woman opened the door. “What’s wrong?!” She asked.

     “I think there’s someone in my house! I don’t know who!” Kristin panicked. The woman let her inside and dialed 911.

     “Dominic! Come sit in the living room please! There’s a criminal running around!” The woman shouted down the hall.

     Dominic? Kristin thought. She peered around the wall that separated the kitchen and the living room and saw him. “You!” She whispered.

     “You?!” Dominic whispered. Kristin walked toward him. “What are you doing here?!” He asked.

     “Your mom’s try to save my life,” Kristin said.

     “Oh, you saw the person?”

     “They were in my house,”

     Dominic’s mother’s words echoed into the living room. She was telling the address to Kristin’s house. The door knocked. No one answered it. Someone pounded hardly on the door. Dominic and Kristin exchanged looks.

     “Someone’s pounding on my door,” Dominic’s mother said into the phone, “Dominic, lock the girl and yourself in your room!”

     Dominic grabbed Kristin’s hand and lead her into his room. He locked the door and Kristin sat in the corner. “I know what you’re thinking,” he said. “This is not what it looks like,”

     “I’m scared, Dominic,” Kristin said. Dominic noticed she was fighting back tears.

     “Hey hey hey, everything’s going to be fine. I don’t think he’ll hurt us, but I’m just as scared as you are,” he said and sat next to her.

     “No! I’m scared of Justin leaving me,” Kristin whispered. She finally let her tears flow out.

     “Is he really worth it?” Dominic said. “He left you there on the ground like a literal doormat instead of helping you up. He’s a complete a*****e!”

     “Don’t you say that about him!” Kristin yelled, “You don’t know him like I do!”

     “Shhh!” Dominic whispered. He held her face in his hands. Kristin just looked at him, “I know I don’t know him. But I know you,”

     Kristin stared at him. Then, she threw herself into his arms and cried on his chest. Minutes later, she fell asleep. Dominic saw lights flashing through his window. The police were here. He kissed Kristin on the top of her head. “Everything’s fine…” he said to himself. He fell asleep.

     In the morning, Dominic opened his eyes slowly and saw someone standing in his doorway. It was Justin, standing there with his arms crossed. Dominic looked down at Kristin, who was still in his arms.

     “What the hell are you doing with her?” Justin asked, sternly.

     “Comforting her, unlike you do,” Dominic said.

     “Like you know anything,” Justin mumbled.

     “Uh huh, and where were you last night?” Dominic asked.

     “At the football game with Kristina,”

     “You were?” Kristin’s voice said. Dominic looked down at her. “And you just left me behind?” She opened her eyes.

     “Uhhh… you wouldn’t pick up your phone when I tried calling…”

     “You didn’t even call me! Now you’re lying?!” Kristin stood up.

     “Kristin! Just shut up! You need some rest!” Justin yelled.

     “What wrong with you lately?! After all those times I’ve defended you! And now you don’t give a crap whenever I’m knocked down or almost killed by some b*****d!” Kristin shouted and shoved Justin.

     “He was an alcoholic. He was looking for some drinks in your house. He’s in jail now,” Dominic’s mother walked in. “Justin, Kristin, you can go home now.”

     “Yes, Dominic’s mother…” Kristin whispered. She started walking out.

     “Kristin,” Dominic said. Kristin stopped. “See you around?”

     Kristin turned around, shrugged, and continued walking. Justin followed.

     She walked alone down the sidewalk. A voice trailed behind her, but she ignored it. Justin caught up to her.

     “Kristen, please, give me one more chance,” he begged.

     “Why? So you can leave me hanging off the edge of a cliff that’s ready to crumble? So you can leave me drowning in the ocean surrounded by sharks? So you can-“

     Justin grabbed Kristin’s arm and pulled her close. He moved her bangs out of her face and kissed her.


     “Haha! Gotcha!” Kristina giggled as she splashed Austin with water. They were in the park and it had a new water fountain. Gabe stood by and watched, smiling. Austin splashed Kristina. She tossed a little water toward Gabe.

     “Oh, no you didn’t,” Gabe said. He cupped his hands, gathered some water, and poured it down Kristina’s shirt. She screamed as the cold liquid dripped down her back.

     “Too far!” She gasped. Kristina jumped on Gabe’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck. He ran around and Kristina clung to him and giggled.

     “I guess I should go…” Austin said. Gabe stopped and Kristina looked at Austin. She stood down.

     “No, you can stay,” Kristina said. Austin shrugged and started walking off. Kristina followed him. “Austin, come on. Please stop.”

     “It’s so obvious that you-“ Austin started to say but Kristina’s phone chimed and she pulled it out of her pocket.

     “Party at the Skys’ house?” she read her text from Kristin. She turned around and shouted at Gabe, “Gabe! Get the car! We gotta get to my house fast!

     In the car, Kristina panicked. “Our parents aren’t gonna be home until tomorrow morning. Stupid Kristin probably did this,” They pulled up into her driveway. Loud music blared from inside their house. Kids pushed each other around outside. Confetti was sprawled all over the grass. It was a mess.

     “Kristin, what have you done?”  Kristina whispered to herself.

     Inside the house, Kristin was making out with Justin on the living room couch.

     “Kristin! What the- What are you doing?!” Kristina asked.

     “What do you think it looks like I’m doing? I’m giving my man some love,” Kristin said.

     “No! I mean this party!” Kristina waved her hand in front of Kristin’s face.

     “Just having fun,” Kristin grinned.

     “This isn’t funny. Get everyone out and clean up!”

     “Come on, Kristina! Mom and Dad aren’t coming home until the morning. Can’t we let this slide for once?”

     Kristina thought for a minute with her arms crossed. She looked at all the people having fun. They’re house was a nice house so of course people would come. Kristina was also more popular than her sister.

     “Fine,” Kristina said.

     “Woo!” Gabe pumped his fist into the air. He ran off to join the party and Kristina followed him. Austin moped away.

     An hour into the party, Kristina received another text from Kristin. “Peek inside the kitchen.” She did and she saw Austin. He was with another girl. They were whispering to each other. Then, Austin kissed her.

     “Austin,” Kristina whispered.

     “Kristina!” Austin said, nervously.

     “Why did you do that?!” Kristina asked.

     “You like Gabe!”

     “Fine! So maybe I do! But what happened to  you saying ‘You deserve better’, huh?”

     “That was before Gabe showed up,”

     “That is it, Austin! It’s over!”

     Kristina ran off crying. Justin saw. “I’ll be right back…” he said to Kristin. He got up and followed Kristina.

     Kristin sat alone on the couch and waited. She heard the doorbell ring. She got up and answered the door. There stood her parents, angrily. Kristin’s eyes widened.

     “Oh hi… uh… you’re home early,” Kristin said, nervously.

     “Yes we are,” Kristin’s mother said. Her father shouted for everyone to get out. They all left and Mr. Sky slammed the door shut. “Well?”

     “Well,” Kristin said.

     “Whose idea was this?” Mrs. Sky asked.

     “Mine,” Kristin answered.

     “Of course it was. Kristina wouldn’t do this,” Mr. Sky said.

     “Why can’t you be more like you’re sister?!” Mrs. Sky shouted.

     “Stop saying that! Just because we’re twins or whatever, doesn’t mean we have to act alike!” Kristin yelled.

     “That doesn’t mean you have to be so… bad!” Mr. Sky said.

     “Grrr…. Ahhh! Forget it!” Kristin screamed and ran upstairs.

     Upstairs, Justin comforted Kristina.

     “I can’t believe he did that to me. He couldn’t just say something to my face. He had to be a sneaky little… grrr…”

     “It’s okay. I feel the same way about Kristina,” Justin said.

     “Huh?”  Kristina asked.

     “She tries too hard to be a bad-a*s, you know?”

     “Oh yeah, you already told me that…”

     “But still, why can’t she be more like you?”

     Kristina looked up at Justin. He looked into her eyes.

     “Can I just…” Justin said and leaned closer toward Kristina. Their lips touched.

     “Jus… tin?” Kristin cried. Justin span around.

     “Kristin! I…”

     “I knew it. You’ve liked Kristina this whole time,”

     “Kristin, come on!”

     “Just SHUT UP Justin! SHUT UP and stop lying to me! I already heard the crap you said about me the other night!”

     “What are you talking about?”

     “I try too hard to be a tomboy. You want a girlfriend who acts like a girl! That’s Kristina! Speaking of which… YOU!” She turned and pointed toward Kristina, “You didn’t even defend me when you said all that! I don’t even know why I’m part of this family. Everyone hates me so much!”

     “Kristin…” Kristina whispered.

     “Don’t ‘Kristin’ me!” Kristin screamed. Tears poured out of her eyes like waterfalls. She had lost it. Justin stood up and reached out to her. She slapped his hand. “Get away from me!” She glared at him. “I…. I hate you!” Kristin tore out of the room, ran downstairs, and out the door.

     “Kristin!” Her parents called after her. Justin chased after her.

     Kristin ran down roads all the way to Henesy’s Park. She sat on a bench and cried hard as ever. When she calmed down, she had flash backs about her and Justin when they were younger. So innocent. Best friends until the end. The promises they made.

      “Kristin,” a voice said. She jumped and turned around.

     “Dominic,” her voice quivered and she threw herself into his arms.

     “What are you doing out here? It’s pouring!” He asked. Kristin was so angry that she had not realized it was raining. They shared Dominic’s umbrella and sat on the bench again. Kristin told him everything and he listened.

     Justin had caught up. He saw Kristin with Dominic again and got angry.

     “Justin’s always asking why I can’t be more like Kristina. But really… why can’t he be more like you,” Kristin said.

     Dominic dropped his umbrella in surprise. Kristin looked at him.

     No… Justin thought.

     They kissed.


     “Gabe, can I talk to you for a minute?” Kristina asked him in the school hallway.

     “Sure, what’s up?” he replied.

     “I broke up with Austin. He kissed another girl because he knows I still have feelings for you,”

     “You do? But… you broke up with me,” Gabe said.

     “I know, but we’ve been together for so long and… I can’t just walk away from that. What I did was wrong. You came to visit me like a good boyfriend and I totally ditched you for Gabe. And what he did to me… I deserved that. I did the same thing to you and-“

     “Shhh,” Gabe said. He hugged her. “I love you,” Kristina hugged him back.


     “So I guess it’s over,” Justin said to Kristin. She was sitting on the same park bench one afternoon, waiting for Dominic. She ignored him. Justin sat next to her. “Nice day, isn’t it?” He said. She looked away. He scooted closer to her, “Talk to me.” No answer. He whispered into her ear, “Talk to me,” Kristin couldn’t help but smile.

     “Remember when we were little?” Justin said. “We were in kindergarten when we first met. We built that tower out of blocks together. We also built that friendship together. In third grade, I promised I would never hurt you again. And I broke that promise… twice.” Kristin turned toward Justin, but she was still looking down. “I was wrong about what I said. What man in his right man would leave a girl as awesome as you?” He lifted Kristin’s chin up. “You’re perfect just being yourself,” He kissed her softly. Kristin, who still had her eyes open, saw Dominic standing behind them. He smiled at her, nodded, and walked away. Kristin smiled and wrapped her arms around Justin.

     “My job here is done,” Dominic whispered to himself.

© 2012 Peppy

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cool story

Posted 8 Years Ago

Its really good.. but what does Dominic mean "My job here is done," I think Dominic and Kristin would be a better couple xD

Posted 8 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe

Posted 8 Years Ago

Lol that was good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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