Willow Tree And Me

Willow Tree And Me

A Poem by Bridget Mcmaken

I look at the willow tree as it stands so strong
I smile a little then walk on
The willow tree reminds me of my life
How it stands looking so sad
They way the leaves weep to the ground
There is not another one around
So how does this tree remind it of me
I once too was alone that always weeped
I walked around with a fake smile on me
My family didn't understand but they love me
Even If I had all the money in the world
It is still not what I wanted
Wealth can't make me happy
No it was a young man with blue eyes
A wonderful young man that seen me cry
Though he had no idea what was wrong
He try to make me laugh and smile
Every now and then he get me to giggle
He is as sweet as he can be
He is a wonderful friend to me
But things got worse and so did I
I felt like I wanted to do
Like an angel that he is
He took my hand and saved me from the dread
Ever since then my life has changed
Though my family didn't understand
But it's alright with them
Though we don't have wealth like many do
We still live in paradise
Because I have you and you have me
That all it takes for us to be happy
Now he asked for my hand
So together we forever stand
For I no longer weep
So see much like the weeping willow tree
Looks can be deceiving
For the willow tree is loved by many
And it looks sad but stands strong
So that is why I smiled when I walked away
For it brings back so many sad memories
Though I can't be sad when I'm this happy
That is why I smiled
Because even the sades memory can't bring me down

© 2012 Bridget Mcmaken

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Added on October 16, 2012
Last Updated on October 16, 2012


Bridget Mcmaken
Bridget Mcmaken


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