I hate thy, writers block!

I hate thy, writers block!

A Poem by Bridget Mcmaken

I was trying to work on my book and writers block hit me!

I shake my head
Trying to clear my mind 
Why you got to do this to me again
I work so hard to get where I am
Then you always come back again
I try to shake it off
Act like it never happened
Though it never works
I'm blocked again!
Oh why you do this to me
Every Time I try my best
Here you go putting me down again
Oh why you mess up my dreams for the day
I hate how you do this time me
Will this never end?
Though I don't give up
I just try again
Yet you fail me once again
I hate you so!
I just wait till you go away
Feeling frustrated with you
But soon you shall go
And I shall try for my dream again
Until you stop me once again
Maybe next time I may get lucky
Maybe you won't come back so soon
As for now I wait
Wait till you go away then try again
  Wishing you never come back again
Wishing to stay away for ever
My enemy
Writers block

© 2013 Bridget Mcmaken

Author's Note

Bridget Mcmaken
sorry for the bad spelling and Grammar

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It's ironic, how you had writers block but your writers block allowed you to write this poem, Lol. Anyways, I can relate since I just recently wrote a poem after, like, a two year hiatus due to writers block. You described it well. Good job!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Bridget Mcmaken

7 Years Ago

It's funny how things work like that. It's good that you did get over you did get over your writes b.. read more
A creative way to unblock yourself. I enjoyed reading this piece, and it reminded me there is inspiration when that sneaky little devil, writers block sets in.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This was a lot of fun to read. You did a good job showing a theme and really reminding me how much I hate writer's block. Thank you for posting this!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Bridget Mcmaken

8 Years Ago

thank you for the re-view

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Bridget Mcmaken
Bridget Mcmaken


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