The Verge

The Verge

A Poem by Dream_Catcher

the verge of creativity and insanity; creativity in the form of writing



Copyright C Maiya Hawkins


Think of something

Use your imagination

Sweet imagination

Creating those sparkling seas like diamonds

Bordering a forest of mystics

Fairies flying with fiery colors

Fluorescent flowers guiding midnight paths

Goblins and dragons�" the only taint of evil

An unplanned voyage over land and through time to defeat them

Smell death, touch eternity

Sweet imagination


But what’s to it but words and pages

the dragons they will never be anything but black ink

The things we create in our mind�" so close

The ever so capturing plot sowing in hope of impossible things

And reality only tears away the stitches


A slow torture it is�" writing

And the burning curse of imagination

It internalizes hopes; you resort to living in your head

You search for other mental adventurers,

yet you know they have grown a shell as hard as your own

Urges to break free and do as you wish,

But the world’s ignorance to the boundaries of your mind, bind you


“Hold on to your imagination, you’ll lose it when you’re older” they say

But is it such a terror to lose my sweet imagination

If it fades so will the constant discontentment with commonness,

so will the pain that eludes the tip of my pen,

oozing into my head

like a seeping sugar that creates a hunger that will never be satisfied


Can you taste the serum?

Can you feel the dripping desire burn your throat to the pit of your stomach?

I feel it�" but you learn to live with it.

For the mind’s eye, as all vision, shall fade.

However it has taken so much of me,

Withdrawal from my addition cannot be achieved�"

Without extracting every piece of me it has deemed its host


As it is sucked from my body by unbiased age,

it is replaced with thoughts of heaven

how sweet the stars must be

Candied medicine bottles and chocolate guns

let me taste…

Something must take the place of that parasitic horror

That torturous yet entertaining longing.

Take me to the cotton candy clouds; let me taste the Red Hot sun.

Take me to my escaping imagination that fleets to immortal lands

Take me, Imagination; take me to a place where you are my God

Sweet, sweet, imagination

© 2010 Dream_Catcher

Author's Note

im just hoping you understand the whole thing. but your writers too so you should more so than others. i always feel like i need to explain it all but heres a quick over view. you should have gotten that imagination is almost like burden because it gives a false sense of hope but once you lose it you suicide becomes apparent because you have such a will for false things. in short. :)

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Poem is amazing. Your usage of language is excellent in this poem. The movement of each line and flow of the poem made this a pleasure to be able to read. You took us in many direction with the poem. Ending was perfect.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow this was a really good read and excellent poem. The only thing that I have to critisize about this poem is that you could've made this poem longer and much better by adding more. The end just seems to fall leaving the reader wanting more unless that was your goal then this is a great poem!! Please write more eager to read more of your work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 24, 2010
Last Updated on April 5, 2010
Tags: creativity, insanity, verge, writing, suicide, imagination




Hey, the names Maiya and its just me, myself and I. But don't worry, all three of my personalities share the same im serious. more..

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