A Cry for Attention

A Cry for Attention

A Poem by Dressed in Poetry

Today, I hate everything.


I hate the way she looks at him.  It’s that “she’s ruining everything again” look that she always gives whenever I state my dislike for something they both enjoy – or worse, something only he enjoys and she just pretends to know about.  Like I’m not allowed to dislike anything that amuses him.


I hate the way my pen keeps running in and out – like the way my thoughts keep racing in and out of my mind.  It’s almost as if even this pen doesn’t want my thoughts to be spoken, as if these pages don’t want to contain these angry words.  They don’t want to be stained with my hatred.


I hate that I want them to be filled with anger.  I hate that I want this pen to cut into these pages, ripping and tearing until the white purity has been overtaken by my black ink of hatred.


I hate that he never notices.  He never sees the looks she gives.  I do.  It makes me wonder if I’m paranoid – mad with jealousy – or mad with something else.




It seems to be my only fuel in a time where so many people have run out of gasoline.  But me, I have so much to burn.  I light a match and wait for the explosion – but nothing, just endless fire.


But it has been lit. 


Now it cannot stop until it has devoured and destroyed everything.


And he remains ignorant in darkness, even though my fire lights up the world.


© 2009 Dressed in Poetry

Author's Note

Dressed in Poetry
Picture link: http://farminded.deviantart.com/art/Hair-of-Fire-38203579

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I like the anger and intensity. The piece reads very voyeuristic-ally. Well done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This a very powerful poem. All over the place but in a good way. The reader is forced to join the subject feel everything. It is like a whirlwind of emotions that is painted here. Really liked it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This piece brings a real sense of passion in frustration, and I can relate all too well to the subject matter...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 29, 2009


Dressed in Poetry
Dressed in Poetry

Norman, OK

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