Perfectly Flawed

Perfectly Flawed

A Poem by DrewBerry

Who needs perfection


Good vs. the seemingly Bad according to this world's standards. Made to feel less of a person by not meeting the expectations of those self perceived righteous people. Mysterious and full of intriguing layers.  Hidden yet revealing, tentative and concealing.  Who is this man so perfectly flawed?


 "Will she run if she knew the real me?", he thinks.  Just a man, striving to be better as he steps up the heightened risers of his life. Searching for betterment in his daily strife.  Knowing no fear, being true to self and not afraid to die of this body.  Though the reaches of death still not conquored in a restless existence. What's missing he says.  Not excitement, love, money or pleasure - he really doesn't understand. But the feeling of discontent prevails and perpetuates a persistent unknown dissatisfaction.

Who wants the perfect man, enlightened, pure and whole? Not me I say, what a bore!  At last I realize as I look into those deep ocean eyes; honest, yet hidden.

No hurry here, taking time to explore.  Seeking more of that complex and intriguing soul. Give me bits, in measured doses. I trust when you say, would not mess with my mind in that way. So let it go and unfold a new day. I'm here listening with baited breath. A heart longing for stimulation from what you say.  Give it up & let it go. I'm not going away.


Take your time; you'll know when it's right. You perfectly, beautiful, scary flawed man. You have my attention. 


© 2008 DrewBerry

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I sort of keep working at perfectly flawed and then these annoying Redeeming features keep popping up !
James Dean really was the one and only master at that sort of thing. Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson all 2nd place by comparison . This is a great peace of writing Drew, one you should be proud of !

~EL Raveno

Posted 12 Years Ago

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