Valentine's Recipe

Valentine's Recipe

A Poem by Drifter

A poem I wrote earlier this year


Throw in a dash of serendipity

that led me across the world to you.

A sprinkle of Heart’s yearning;

it whispers of deep and tender emotions.

Add a few quarts of lasting passion

to keep our crimson blood from cooling.

An ounce of play, a pinch of teasing;

strengthens the bonds we’re forging.

Next, a pound of understanding

to smooth over what makes us unique.

And another dash of laughter

for when things become too bleak.

Stir it with a kiss, feathery and piercing deep,

because only through this connection

can the recipe of the heart be complete.

© 2012 Drifter

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This is beautiful. I love how you've concocted a romantic relationship in this poem.
"Add a few quarts of lasting passion to keep our crimson blood from cooling," is a beautiful line with an interesting sentiment. I like that this is one of the bigger measurements. Are you a passionate person, or is that just how you see things?
I also love your diction and use of eloquent vocabulary.
Nice font as well. It gives the poem something extra that I just really liked.
Overall, fantastic job.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I like to think I'm a passionate person. Ah, but thank you for the review. :) Oddly enough, this wa.. read more
Anjelica Allen

6 Years Ago

I can definitely see why. You have a right to be proud of it.
A very nice poem. A good recipe for love. But some will still burn the pot.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thanks for the review. And indeed, some will definitely burn the pot.
Sami Khalil

6 Years Ago

You are welcome.
This was such a sweet and romantic poem! Very well done! I enjoyed it:)
God Bless

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on April 28, 2012
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