Onion Skin

Onion Skin

A Poem by Drifting Blue

Parchment vs Papyrus


The leathery hide of the alligator

Consoles the weary traveler’s feet
Stuffed inside his well worn boots.
I would be free of him
He soothes his mind with bowie knives
And his eyes are full of anvils
Dragging me down a cliff.
I would be rid, be rid of him.
In ages past the thinner the page
The better, the soft onion skin pages of a bible
The greatest luxury in hovels
Not known for their comfy accommodations.
Often finer than anything presented by Gideon
Names lifted from their subjects, long dead
Line the pages like God’s accounts book
Ledgered into place by the shaky hand of matriarch
The keeper of secrets.
I would be well shed of her
Possessing the vision of the road
The endless twine ball unraveling
Taking me away to places unknown
With no root system , just desert tracks
That once might have been connected
To a cistern of someone’s life
No more known than that on onion skin.
I would be gone from, gone from her.
There is no place to lay my head
That is not inhabited by ghosts
The kind of unfeeling creatures who
Make their presence known without their meaning
Stake territory meant for the living
And drive the price of freedom high
In the twilight’s guilt gleaming.
Between the journey and the home
The restless place of today looms large
And I am driven back to leather and onion skin
Searching for my sure way home
I would be, should be home by now.

© 2008 Drifting Blue

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Bowie knives, anvils, onion skin, ghosts. This is a great introduction to your portfolio, which I will be exploring with much interest.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Stellar write. I love the ancient feel to it combined with subject matter appropriate for any time.

And whether you find that home on onion skin or otherwise, always keep moving forward. Somtimes, from what I've heard, and this may be all rumor, but sometimes home finds you.

I love the write.

Posted 13 Years Ago

very mysterious and interesting.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Exceptional write...
this is my second go round,
and because I have the need to fully grasp,
I'll likely be returning after I write this.
Of course, my grasp may be entirely different
than what is actually intended. lol

hmm.. fully grasp... that's
really what's going on here I think.
Not fully grasping purpose, meaning...
the "secret" ... the big picture.

Yes, given all that we have encountered, experienced,
read, seen, heard, "truths" passed on from generation to generation,

you would think after all of that ...

we would all be home by now.

Very thought provoking and wonderfully written piece! Thank you!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Neat juxtaposition of leather face/skin with layers of onion skin...very hip and added with androgyny...the he/she we struggle with as which self am I? and the long and winding Kerouac road...reminds me of one of the beats I'm often compared to...I can never remember his name...no matter you have a unique voice!
Thanks for that and this and not running amiss with your choices...
You have a place to lay your hat with me, tru Dat!

Posted 13 Years Ago

I'm feeling very prosaic today so to read a poem full of real feelings is a priviledge. I also envy the poet for have the strong feelings expressed and am simultaneously relieved not to be so attuned myself. In truth I don't feel much angst or doubt. Maybe my psychology is all comfy accommodations. I dunno. So not reading with poet turned on but definitely reading with mind turned on...and I DO like the anvils in the eyes! abd 'I would be rid, be rid of him. Can a prosaic mind 'pretend' to be a poet without the inconvenience of actually feeling very much? And what I wonder, would God write, were he to log onto writerscafe? Would he apologise for 'leadership issues'? Or turn out to be tough drill sergeant?

Posted 13 Years Ago

This poem has , like an onion, many layers..
I found it thought provoking , lonely in ways.. very well written.
I enjoyed it ..

There is no place to lay my head
That is not inhabited by ghosts
The kind of unfeeling creatures who
Make their presence known without their meaning
Stake territory meant for the living
And drive the price of freedom high
In the twilight's guilt gleaming.

Adored this verse... 'In the twilight's gleaming'.. very good line..


Posted 13 Years Ago

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