Contra Contrarian

Contra Contrarian

A Poem by Drifting Blue


Wake in night time the light lost in shadow
A circumvented process, a Trojan horse
A final solution that brings satisfaction to blind mice
Trundling in their tracks behind furniture and in basements
Content to measure time in the cries of children.
Composed in aristocracy bred in poverty
Congealed and frozen
To be found by orphans and rejects
Who run unopposed by caring
On the oft misunderstood patch of land
That curves toward midnight beneath the battered moon.
It appears to disappear only to reappear
Just when you achieve respectability.
You can't silence poetry as it creeps stealthily
Back into your awareness an undaunted little soldier
Exposing himself to the shock and dismay of old ladies
Whose grocery lists punch holes in all insanity
As they search for an acceptable tea.
The workaday world creeps rounds its orbit
Expecting a penny for a thought but giving
A whistle for a loaf of bread and a cancer
For the mind of God for whom the virus has spread
From the offal of moles singing happy thoughts.
Peering around corners the florid descendant of Oz
Appears in front of the curtain
His machinations exposed
Leaving the faithful bereft of mystery
And full to the brim on the teeth and bones
Of real frogs in imaginary gardens.
And it is oh so obvious that should you take the notion
To find sense in nonsense all your mathematics will fail
And you will grieve over the loss of two plus two
In the equation where clinched fists pump violence
Into the atmosphere and the pot boils
While all the while, we think we are dancing.

© 2009 Drifting Blue

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You see are being read here. Albeit with a month or two here n there. But hell, are we not like the mice, beyond the walking around time of the workaday?

Just got to get some venison sausages on for my two hungry sons.

This is a great read because of its sheer bizarrness...there are too many great dabs to list them all out. But my favourite line has to be 'real frogs in imaginary gardens'. The 'loss of two plus two' is also a cracker. To conclude, I wish you you wld post more such poems BB.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2009


Drifting Blue
Drifting Blue

Bad Lands, NC

Poet, Short Story writer. Insane. Little by little, we reveal everything. The itch is just too great to be anonymous. Who I am is what I write and vice versa. You'll see. Riding The Waterfall: The W.. more..