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You Is Ruling You

You Is Ruling You

A Poem by Breezie Kae

My point of view is always changing,
it seems it never could be tracked down.
Tell them all your journey,
tell them all the truth,
that you is ruling you.

Are you tired from your daydreams,
or are you just another restless pawn?
Tell them all your musings,
tell them all you know,
you're never letting go.

Take the world down,
take anything you can reach.
Take my thunder,
but you won't take me.

I'm seeing me as my own past,
take a moment to write this down.
That everything is holy,
and our fates are clear,
and we are ruling we.

Never forget that we're beautiful young,
and the fight isn't over until we are done.
We never back down even when there's no chance,
you could call it our curse or call it our advance.

Never forget that bliss was never free,
and all the best things always come with a fee
When the sun's shining we never ask why,
but when it goes down we think it's time to die.

But it never was and this one thing is true,
that this world never stops giving back to you.
So keep your step steady and never look down,
walking on water, and you'll never drown.

Take the world down,
take anything you can reach.
Take my thunder,
but you won't take me.

© 2010 Breezie Kae

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We must be steady and strong to survive in this world. I believe little and if I can't see in or taste it. I don't believe. We must look for the real answers. The question of why we spend 20 time on war then human care. Why we allow woman and men to be permanent scars for wars without purpose? Why our leaders can eat steak and the poor in their hometown are homeless and desperate? Your words in your poem are true. Can allow the liars and foolish men and woman to twist-up the mind. The world is at at our feet and we can see the turmoil. A powerful poem. You made me think this morning. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

What a wonderful hope, that each of us could be fully in charge of his own destiny, a dream many of shared as teenagers but I daresay few have realized! Still, a lovely thought to share with an eighteen-year-old niece, or some such, who's just leaving high school and needs some encouragement to fight the good fight: Remain true to your vision, but more important even than that, remain true to YOURSELF!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on September 5, 2010
Last Updated on September 5, 2010