A Poem by Dustin Reichmuth

Three times in one night, he said.

For three, goddamn weeks, I've been losing all my sleep.
A gamble, a charade, an oncoming blockade. 
And I know, how it goes, and the show must go on.
And I feel, and I peel, and I spin under the wheel.

Take a breath, have some sex, smoke your green, and you're free
But you're dead, in your head, and you always will be.
That's why I've, stayed aside, and I watch and, bide my time.
But where am I. I don't know, and that's how my story flows.

The opening, was something, that no one understood.
But I knew you, and I felt you, so i knew that you could
Follow suit with, this dimwit, and counteract all that I've made.
So you'd bring me, and you'd leave me, covered with this shame.

Were the first three verses enough, to wait for this chorus.
That does not belong here, amongst all these voices.
I relieve myself of all of my past bonds, I lie them on the floor.
Trapped beneath the wooden jail, I feel them no more.

Tied down, to the coffin, because that's where I wanna be.
It's something, and it's easy, and I knew that I can't see.
The dirt, it's quite consuming, don't you think? Do you think?
I know not how, I became this, what is the missing link?

I'm a plague, and I'm a virus, and you know this, and you fight this
But I cannot lose this battle, I cannot be your cattle.
Bring me a bottle, and make them follow, so I won't ever die.
I lived a grand life, and I want more, for hell I lost my eyes.

So take me to the fire, and there I will retire.
I'll fade away to the backdrop, and I won't forget what's been forgot.
So speak to me in my tongues, and teach me the lessons we learned.
But I'll never return the favor, and you'll always remain here burned.

Were the last three verses enough, to wait for this chorus.
That does not belong here, amongst all these voices.
I've felt the freedom that lies beneath, And I liked it.
I've tasted wealth beyond belief, don't try to fight it.

What, have we done.
To deserve what we've become.
To take this trip alone now,
Is the only way I know how now.
I line up, and I say my words.
Just so my voice is heard.
And I pray for your forgiveness.
But I know I cannot win this.
So tackle me, and bury me.
With the hatchet I have brought.
And revile me, celebrate me.
So it wasn't all for naught. 

© 2011 Dustin Reichmuth

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Added on October 3, 2011
Last Updated on October 3, 2011


Dustin Reichmuth
Dustin Reichmuth

St. Louis, MO

My name is Dustin, I'm a lyricist. I write songs for pretty much any situation. If I'm inspired, I'll find the proper words to have it expressed. more..