Just a Ramblin'

Just a Ramblin'

A Poem by Dustin Reichmuth

Like a madman

And oh there he goes put the pen to the paper
Send it out to the world full of haters
All he knows is that it goes somewhere
Into the hearts of all of those with prayers
So he'll lie and he'll try to capture that feeling.
But you always can tell when the next big thing
Starts suffering, they're all pushing up daisies.
Yeah you always fell, but you'd never tell
You were pushing back maybe's
Maybe you should just take a breather on your own now
Maybe you should just take a step back alone now
Empty words, they're lacking the music
The melodies and harmonies 
And they're all bruising, deep deep down
Into the subliminal thoughts, those juggernauts, what do they do, but hurt you?
And oh, there I go again, just-a-ramblin', like I'm known for.
But baby I know that I'm not confused, like you are.
But you can always tell when the next big thing
Starts suffering, they're all pushing up daisies
Good morning, good morning they say, but it's all in vein
Oh you're just pushing back maybe's.
So maybe you should step back alone, and cut your loss, cut your loss
Oh, maybe you should go back home, and count your faults, count your faults.
So maybe I'll tell you a bedtime story, but I don't know what you'd like to hear.
So I'll just keep on talking, it's all that I'm good at, because I know I have your ear.
And then I break down that wall of Jericho, and I bite the hand that feeds.
Because the next big thing is always suffering, and I never bleed, no no, never bleed.

© 2011 Dustin Reichmuth

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Added on December 6, 2011
Last Updated on December 6, 2011


Dustin Reichmuth
Dustin Reichmuth

St. Louis, MO

My name is Dustin, I'm a lyricist. I write songs for pretty much any situation. If I'm inspired, I'll find the proper words to have it expressed. more..