Our Limitless Insanity

Our Limitless Insanity

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: July 18, 2015

How sweet is it that she craves my attention more than she cares to admit.  
Never have I met someone completely loyal, and readily prepared to commit. 
Yet she tries so hard to make me angry, even with all the love my heart can emit.
But that's exactly why I love her, because to our love/hate insanity, there is no limit.

Arguing generates the flame of passion that most couples have never seen in bloom.  
Many try to settle it by taking a break but only see their attempts fail when it never resumes. 
While I stay close to her, so close her fragrance stays with me as if I was drenched in her perfume.  
Clearly me and her are different and we are likely to last an eternity at this rate, it's safe to assume. 

Ask her to leave me for someone else for all the money in the world and she still wouldn't trade. 
Even if all her friends say she could do better she wouldn't dare try to upgrade. 
She knows deep down inside this kind of love is the kind that takes centuries to fade.
For that very reason, I vow to always be by her side, be there anytime she ever needs my aide.

I just love the rage she induces in me, especially the rage game she herself chose to play. 
Understandable she gets paranoid on those times where I don't call or text her all day. 
But It doesn't matter if we are far apart, because I can feel her presence from light years away.
It's a frequent feeling of security that calms the nerves because I know with me she'll always stay.

It's a habit to disagree with everything she says so we have something to debate. 
It brings me great pleasure to prove her wrong, as she stares in silence with hate.  
I can already taste her lips pressed against mine after several minutes of screaming on our next date.
Few people would be up to the challenge of having to destroy the anger, and then have love to create. 

It's not right to call her just special to me, she's more like limited edition. 
She's a ticking time bomb of period driven emotions in perfect condition. 
Yet it's not an exaggeration that she will forever be the motive for all my ambitions. 
In a perfect life, we will be fighting on our honeymoon, while making love in every position. 

I have no intentions to adulterate this relationship, that's firewood to our flame I would never add. 
She's essential for my confidence because when I'm with her things never seem that bad. 
It goes to show, I love her in different ways, unlike many of the other relationship I've had.  
Because despite all the happy moments still ending in dramatic altercations, I ain't even mad.

© 2018 Daniel Valentine Rivera

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Daniel, that is a special relationship! Its good to argue and to get along. You wrote it beautifully! Thank you for sharing!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Daniel Valentine Rivera

3 Years Ago

Thank you for the wonderful review!
Buddy this is great. I wish I could write something like this!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on July 18, 2015
Last Updated on January 22, 2018
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Daniel Valentine Rivera
Daniel Valentine Rivera


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