Citizens Of The Friendzone

Citizens Of The Friendzone

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: January 20, 2016

This poem is dedicated to the poor ladies and gentlemen balls deep in the friend-zone.
The ones who pretend to wallow in self pity because they can't find a love to call their own.
The ones who struggle to conquer their most desired partner and are left with no skills to hone.
This is my way of saying, there is way out this over populated country and that you are not alone.

The friend-zone is a depressing wasteland of sorrow and low self esteem.
The perfect place to end up if you have nothing left but a broken dream.
The ones that put you in here have no idea what they've done and they need to redeem.
They need to understand the irreparable damage they cause you is an unacceptable common theme.

Nothing more than a cliché, how these individuals can't look past appearances and traits.
Fastidiously picky when it comes to choosing a partner resulting in constant alternates.
This trend of overlooking potential soulmates harms both parties and misleads their fates.
I believe it's more beneficial to look for a meaningful relationship instead of one that dominates.

I say this to the citizens of the friend-zone, and to the ones being thrown in as I speak.
No more hiding the ardent emotions, no more avoiding the one that makes you weak.
Confess those feelings, tell your special reason for existence exactly what makes he/she unique.
And if your attempts end in rejection, remember you don't owe them s**t, take the L and turn the other cheek.

But if you're one of the irritating few who won't take no for an answer, that's splendid.
Admire, flatter, and captivate them in any possible way to show them compassion is intended.
Be completely devoted to making that one person happy in hopes that one day the citizenship can be suspended.
Be prepared to throw away your pride and shame into your efforts to find love in a lifestyle not recommended.

Do absolutely nothing to impress them unless your heart, soul and mind is incorporated.
Your efforts may go unnoticed but that's never stopped you before so no need to get frustrated.
Friendzonians keep your chin up, love doesn't disappoint forever but it remains forever complicated.
Forever alone is an overstatement, but forever mutual genuine love is immensely underrated.

Remember what you friendzonians need to put in effect when hope slips down hill.
Love not lust: in other terms, hulu plus and commitment instead of Netflix and chill.
Fight not flight: even if you can't stand up for your own battles, don't be the bystander frozen and still.
Entertain not induce pain: anyone can make someone smile, but to dry tears takes a special skill.

Soon you will find a difference between what is said and what is actually meant. 
There is something you unattainable individuals need to remember in any moment or event.
That friendzonians have love for you all, and it's completely unconditional to certain extent.
When love flies out your window, they'll be outside your door that opens at close if without your consent.

So when your crush, lets called them desires, chooses someone over you unbearably.
Wait patiently for them to come to their senses, keep in mind that their love can never be.
Even after the devastation of their collapsing relationships, stick around the debris.
Rebuild upon it when their at their most vulnerable, and from this country you'll be free.

If the opportunity ever presents itself, where you are able to come through. 
Make sure that the one that your desire is suppose to be in love with is you. 
When you reach that time in life, it will feel as if there was nothing you can't do.
You still have chance at romance, and chance for your dreams to finally come true.

True love is learning to admire imperfections and viewing them them as a perfection. 
Your desires don't understand this, and it is your obligation to be their correction.
Be the embodiment of flawed but sincere, and when it comes to love, be the only projection.
Be the one who deserves the most, and the one who wouldn't mind finding love in their own reflection.

If they still don't love you, love yourself, and that's something that is more priceless than art.
I understand, life can seem even emptier when you're shut down right before you start.
Along this empty road, I promise that all your desires will one day open and lend you their heart.
Until then, us friendzonians need to stick together at a time where we couldn't be any further apart.

© 2016 Daniel Valentine Rivera

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Wow! I enjoyed reading this so much! I didn't want it to end! I can relate to parts of it. You write beautifully! Thanks for sharing! 😊

Posted 1 Year Ago

I like the whimsical tone. It makes what would normally be an over-done topic into one that's fresh and interesting to read. And in addition, there's legitimate wisdom in these words.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Daniel Valentine Rivera

3 Years Ago

Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :)
I totally loved reading your piece! You clearly have amazing talent ! Im in a situation where im a "friendzonian" and your work realy spoke to me ! LOVE !!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Daniel Valentine Rivera

5 Years Ago

Thanks so much for the kind review!!! I'm thrilled that you love it and I'm sure if poems had feelin.. read more
So first of all, I love this poem for many many reasins, and secondly you made me feel extremely guilty, because I have been accused if friendzoning many a person :/ lol

Posted 5 Years Ago

Daniel Valentine Rivera

5 Years Ago

Thank you again! It warms my heart to know that somebody took the time to read my poetry. It's also .. read more

4 Years Ago

Oh I know! It's just I hate that I'm such a cliche sometimes, which in and of itself IS a cliche! LO.. read more
Wow insane I cheer for this! relatatible

Posted 5 Years Ago

Daniel Valentine Rivera

5 Years Ago

I'm cheering with you! Thanks!
Pink Pastel

5 Years Ago

Lol you welcome!:)

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