A Beacon To Blessings

A Beacon To Blessings

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: November 25, 2017


Individuals who post online "sending thoughts and prayers" is so cliched that's it's almost an insult. 

Almost like they're driven to insanity, as they continue to do it and hope for better results. 

But who can blame them, they're just as alarmed and confused, and it's definitely not their fault. 

They too ask themselves if there is a solution to so much tragedy and wonder when will it all come to a halt. 

Several people like myself have a sacred duty to pray for those who've departed. 

While prayer succeeds in instilling hope in my faith, there is still emotions left uncharted. 

It's a feeling of something crucial needed to be done but simply not knowing how to start it. 

Like a void that demands to only be filled by selfless acts and begs for intentions that are wholehearted. 

So then where do we begin to put an end to tragedy that so many people tend to neglect.

Progress won't be made unless there is a consensus, but that's too much to expect. 

It's undeniable that the opinion on gun control laws will continue to be polarizing subject. 

Even so, humanity is still threatened by things like natural disasters that laws simply can't protect. 

I'm not going to pretend that people aren't traumatized, homeless, and malnourished,

Or that tears cease to fall from beautiful faces as if there was no sorrow left in the aftermath. 

I just can't ignore that someone desperately needs to be reassured that they're not being punished,

Or the fact that someone desperately needs nothing less than an angel to illuminate their path.

I'm not the type that sees unfortunate events and would much rather prefer to change the channel,

But I understand, sometimes the upsetting images and footage can be too much for anybody to handle. 

I don't think anyone should feel ashamed just because they can't help or add anything substantial. 

Sometimes people are in no position to go the extra mile but maybe I can be the one to set the example. 

I know that there could never be a message to alleviate the pain of an untimely tragic endurance. 

I agree it's insensitive to attempt to and anybody that says otherwise displays their ignorance. 

I'm aware it's unfair to them and being reminded of this sobering fact won't make a difference: 

The depressing reality that the river of spilt blood will continue to flow regardless of hindrance. 

So to those directly affected, I find difficulty articulating a proper way to convey my sentiments without sounding taboo. 

Because I'm not just sending my most genuine condolences but to respectfully implore; seek solace in the people around you. 

In time you'll recognized the sincerity and realize that pity and unity is nothing to ignore and sometime to never undervalue. 
I trust that hope, faith and love will serve as your beacon of much needed blessings, as long as there is someone to be attached to.

© 2019 Daniel Valentine Rivera

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Author's Note

Daniel Valentine Rivera
In memory of all the souls who lost their lives to acts of violence, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings, wild fires and everyone else that have left us too soon. Let us not only pity the dead, but pity the living.

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Added on January 31, 2019
Last Updated on January 31, 2019
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Daniel Valentine Rivera
Daniel Valentine Rivera


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