Finite Of Infinity

Finite Of Infinity

A Poem by Daniel Valentine Rivera

Written: February 13, 2019

Busco una dispuesta para recibir un amor tejido con fe, lleno de cariño y sinceridad.
Alguna mujer, interesada en un relacion con un hombre con mil defectos pero de alta calidad.
Aquella mujer, aunque es la definicion de infinita, se enamora de mi, el hombre finito.
Yo, aquel hombre que le ofrece todo a una mujer digna y especial, aunque tengo muy poquito.

While everyone else has prefrences for their love interests, I also have criteria pending.
Still, even if my criteria is not thorougly met, I just hope she assures me a love that is never ending.
May she have elegance and beauty carved by her
personal maker of heaven and earth.
Far from insecure but never afraid to ask for asssistance in discovering what she is worth.

A kind spirit who spends her time swimmingly nagivating in her anxiety.
With blissful energy in the process of flourishing, not quite fitting in society.

Sculpted by a heritage with a honed morality; emphasis on respect, kindness and empathy.
With adopted morals of her own, incontestable in her beliefs and unapologetic with her fidelity.

A presence that is as comforting as it is prominent, but prefering to get lost in the crowd.
Observant eyes, content with going second and staying silent when the world around her is loud.

Unatainted and unfazed by the mistreatment and disloyalty of the people I rival.
But be blessed with the gift of wisdom that gets her through; just enough for her survival.

An exclusive coquette that's not afraid to admit she believes anything is possible.
With the ability to apply that philosophy to just about any stressful situation or obstacle.

Feminine in every respiration, embodied by her graceful and nuturing disposition.
With her interests well defined and passions waiting to be explored with ambition.

A social butterfly but an introvert at heart that's keen on keeping her privacy
Someone I hope would agree, that her relationship would not be for the world to see.

A natural homebody, puzzled and directionless in adult life but somehow still progresses.
Humbled in her worth, but still driven and delighted with her small and personal successes.

That women, that beautiful soul that claims she needs nothing, but still requires validation.
Blessed with supportive friends, but still yearns for a genuine connection to be her foundation.

That women, infinite in potential, infinite in compassion, infinite in honest understanding.
Infinite in benevolence, infinite in adaptation, infinite love for her surroundings.

Whoever she is, regardless of what I have to offer or what she may see in me, I can only gurantee,
That she is always entitled to my respect and that I'll love her as long as she loves me.
Even if she doesn't meet any of my preferences, may she just say the words and I'm hers instantly.
What ever lies ahead, all I ask is that she accompanies me in reaching the finite of infinity.

© 2019 Daniel Valentine Rivera

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I don't think folks will read this in its current format.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Daniel Valentine Rivera

2 Years Ago

Well thank you. I'll take that into consideration.

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Added on October 15, 2019
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Daniel Valentine Rivera
Daniel Valentine Rivera


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