Sunday Paper

Sunday Paper

A Poem by Eli

Sunday Paper

I read grayed, torn, abandoned

folded pages from my innocent hands

Hands which, with great care, struck

myself from behind and front again.

Arguments, deaths, accomplishments, and

tragedy again, all weeping for my hands to soothe.

It will not do, to caress it so, with my hands

so unwilling to hold it with care

My eyes alone laugh and hold it all in.

A shame, too, my world lies over and over

before me, as if I'd quickly risk for it.

No, no I cannot. Too much for my

desire of life with sight than fingers with


Now leaves fall in abundant color

and litter my head. In attempt to show

what was missed, it mocks and slanders and

belittles and rampages my sight and wisdom

that was, I know was, or could, absolutely be.

Sense gone, hope unaware, questions there,

never here, I know not what I need.

My eyes tremble, not in fear. In more, with more

but no more pride or strength. Seen enough? I

feel the world say now. I know I have.

It's my hands now which musn't, and must, but without

fault and shame. Work, work through. Hope,

fate in years, of life, of earth, I learn with work.

It pushes, it pulls, it holds me to help and save,

serve and behold.

© 2012 Eli

Author's Note

I feel that it's too short. Do you agree? Any criticisms are greatly welcomed.

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This is amazing. The second stanza does interrupt the flow ever so slightly but overall, it's a great sign of the times.

Also, yes, do risk it all for liberty. What do you have to lose? The lies they serve you up every day? We are all living a lie. Betraying said lie means nothing. It wasn't anything real in the first place.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wow! you have got to submit that to Readers Digest! For an old persons head it was hard to grasp the first reading, but I understood it the second time

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks :) If you could, please private message me what you think it means. I want to know if I'm co.. read more
I don't think it's too short, no. However, I do feel like there is a slight hindrance in the flow of the overall piece in the second stanza. Maybe because you throw at us many little pauses, but it does add to pick up the pace and emotion there. Maybe some re-working?
Overall, I enjoyed the read very much and I liked the idea. Wonderful writing!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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