A Story by Eagle Cruagh

Albert Einstein formulated E=mc2 in his
search for the meaning of time.  Actually
he found the measure of energy, but he
My point probably shows  that we live
in a rather large universe and time is a
rather complicated pull and push of the
planets.  We will not even mention the
other universes.
Guess you figured out where I was going
with this.  We live on a planet which is not
even a visible speck in the overall system
and on  this speck there is you.
Lonely is a concept that creates confusion
in a lot of people.  What are you lonely for ?
I guess it is safe to say that you are lonely
for another human being.   Fine, humans are
walking around everywhere, in cars, trolleys,
on their mother-in-law`s broom.   People are
just swarming all over the place.
Then why lonely ?   Because you can`t touch
them , or commune , or own them, or you know.
Now for the biggee.  They are all lonely too,
except for the one`s who own another human,
or , and this really boggles the mind, except for
the person who is a FRIEND.
I am reminded of the words of the poet who said
something like, "give me a house by the side of
the road and let me be a friend to man".
Like most of my reasoning this is rather obtuse,
but you probably get my point.  We just can`t get
a friend---- we have to be one
When we get a friend we can either marry them,
adopt them, hire them, but we never own them
and in the long run we will be lonely.
So, get a life.  Another way of saying that is ,
be a friend.
If you have a friend you will still be a speck on a
speck in the system, but now that other speck is
a lot like you and you will no longer be lonely .
----- Eagle Cruagh

© 2012 Eagle Cruagh

© 2013 Eagle Cruagh

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I guess two specks can make one big spot...
Very well penned- logical and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this:-):-):-D.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very beautifully stated. When we make friends, we are still specks but no longer lonely.
One who gives unconditionally to relationships is almost never lonely.
Ultimately life is what we make it, so the choice to be lonely or not is ours.

A very uplifting thought penned by you. Thanks.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Excellent points. I've just read two other writers on this site who put forth the idea of friendship.

The poet you mentioned is Edgar Guest.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Eagle Cruagh
Eagle Cruagh


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