Child of the Disobey

Child of the Disobey

A Poem by EDRC

This poem was written by: Ryan.


The parent of the absent minded

Controlling with authority

The kingdom being theirs

None shalt disobey

Or consequences they shalt pay


One child of good

The other of opposition

A young boy, older of the two

Good in mind and heart

The strength to disobey is not in his part


The other, a younger woman

Ambitious in mind

Disobey she shalt, all the time

Secretly she will betray

Her mind filled with dislike

When discovered, she is punished

But will yell with all her might


The brother tries to change her

She refuses to change

The mother tries to change her

She becomes filled with rage

The father defends the mother

The daughter becomes a beast

The father becomes angry

The daughter continues her angry feast

The father commands an end

The daughter is punished once again


Once a day, twice a day

All days of the week I should say

The child disobeys, and pays

The king and queen battle the child

Though no weapons are used

The battle is long

But no change in her heart is made


Locked into her cubic cave

The young girl dreads the days

She dreams of leaving

But the courage isn’t there

She knows she is a brat

She will not let others know that


The brother comforts her

For he is the only one she trusts

The secrets of hers he beholds

Will never be released

She tells all problems

He listens, but somehow says the wrong thing

The sister is angered again

And the battle continues


She has no reason to do so…

For her family loves her,

The best is what they wish

Every time they try to reach that for her

She opposes the choice

Her anger is now her soul

Devoted to never change


Her life has went by

All the years hath she acted this way

Change is not in her plans

But it is the hope of the family


Her beastliness has lost her friends

It has caused her dread

She can’t and won’t change

Though she wants to deep in


Obey thy mother and father

She is taught

But only to do not

Will she ever change

Or will the battle continue?

The question is that

And the hope is change

But hope is a dream

And a dream doesn’t always come true.

© 2010 EDRC

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Added on September 19, 2010
Last Updated on September 27, 2010
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