A Poem by EDRC

This poem was written by: Erica.


Boogers are gross.

Boogers come out of your nose.

Boogers can be green, brown, or red.

Boogers can be slimy.

Boogers can be gooey.

Boogers can also be hard.

Boogers that are hard can sometimes hurt your nose.

Boogers are edible, but I wouldn't recommend them.

Boogers belong IN your nose.

Boogers do not belong in your big sister's hair.

Boogers can go up to 100 miles an hour when you sneeze.

Boogers can be very big.

Boogers can be very small.

Boogers that are the biggest, you sprinkle a little gun powder on and make them explode.

Boogers dissolve in acid.

Boogers could probably survive through a nuclear war.

Boogers can be used as a weapon if you flick one in someone's eye.

Boogers are a natural substance of life.

Boogers cannot dance bu they can fly when you sneeze.

Boogers cannot wear hats because they don't make the hats small enough.

Boogers could develop a mind of their own and cause mass destruction.

Boogers would then  take over our bodies and cause all human life to go extinct.

Boogers, thankfully, can never do that.

Boogers are the things that you just moronically read about.

"I humbly dedicate this poem to my father, for he was, is, and always will be, the inspiration for this magnificent work of art because he is the biggest booger of all." -Erica

© 2010 EDRC

Author's Note

"Eww.." -Ryan, Dean, and Cameron

This is a funny poem about...the title says it all, boogers. You will never think of boogers the same. It was written by Erica in 6th grade. For some strange reason this poem was our most famous one on booksie!

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Added on September 27, 2010
Last Updated on September 27, 2010
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A Poem by EDRC