The Hallows Eve Creature of the Night II

The Hallows Eve Creature of the Night II

A Story by EDRC

This story was written by: Ryan.


From the night the FBI found the remains of a young female in the forest close to the local cemetery, everyone in town had been cautious of what they did, especially on Halloween. At night, you would find no one walking alone in the woods, or even on the streets. The people would always travel with a group.

It has been nearly a year since they found her remains. It was apparent that she died a horrible, tragic death. She had huge gashes over her stomach area and on her face, her organs had been ripped apart, her right hand was missing, her eyes were gouged out, and it appeared that her ankle had been broken. She had died a horrible death indeed.

The girl’s family expected her to come home around midnight that night, but she never did. They regretted even letting her go to the Halloween Party she had went to in the first place. The family that had allowed her to walk without supervision had been in many arguments with the original family, to the point where the girl’s best friend actually committed suicide.

So, this is where the town is now…filled with deep fear and caution. For all they know this could happen again. It could have been someone in the town that murdered the girl, it could have been a wild animal, for all they know, it could have been a zombie, though all of these conclusions are unlikely due to the fact that they had found the large footprint in the woods.


This anniversary of her death went by very, very slowly. Everyone in town mourned her family’s loss, her close friends dreaded the entire day for even existing, and everyone in town became even more cautious as they walked through the streets. Even nature seemed to dread her loss, it was cloudy, and the leaves had all fallen from their trees rather quickly compared to last year where by this time many of them still remained on the trees. This year, none remained. The trees were bald and their arms shivered in the wind. The wind was cold and brisk, and allot of people had decided to light their long unused fireplaces.

Two forty-or-so year old adults stand in the cemetery, over a stone named by the one lost a year go, under it is the inscription: 1994-2009. The girl was only 15 years old when she had died. “A whole year,” said the female one of the pair. “I…I miss her so much…”

The woman then placed some roses on the gravestone. She then hugged the male who was with her and dug her face into his tightly fastened jacket. Her tears stained the coat. The man tightly hugged her, and then did this for around an entire minute.

“I know,” the man then said. “I miss her too.”


“What horrible creature could have done this to her…why would anything even try to do something like this,” the woman then screamed. After she had said this, a very cold gust of wind blew right past them.

            “We should go home…it’s getting cold,” the man then suggested. After he had said this, the woman lifted her face from the man’s jacket and then used her right sleeve to wipe tears from her eyes.

            “Yah…I suppose,” she then replied to his suggestion.

            The two of them walked through the cemetery, not a word was spoken the entire way. The only noise was the sound of their shoes as they walked toward the entrance and the sound of wind blowing. Occasionally a dove would make a noise on a nearby telephone line.

            They finally left the cemetery and headed in the direction of their home. Nightfall was rapidly approaching. Within only a few hours, it would be exactly one year since their daughter had been murdered.

            The two of them walked into the exact woods that their daughter had walked into when she died, though, it was still light outside this time, and there was nothing really scary about it. The woman began to cry as she saw a cross that her, her husband, and some of their daughters closest friends had placed in near the path they were walking on. It was placed in the exact spot where it was suspected that she had officially died, the spot where the footprint and the clothing was found.

            The two of them finally made it home, their house was right at the end of the path. The trees opened up into a wide, opened field where their house awaited, which was actually just seconds away from where their daughter had died.

            “How didn’t she make it…I don’t understand…She could have screamed for help,” the wife then exclaimed as more tears flew down her cheeks.

            “I don’t understand either…none of it makes since. All I know is that my daughter is gone, and it is because something killed her. I would give anything to find out what that was.”

            The couple reached their home, but something strange was going on. The lights in their home were all turned on, and their back door was wide open. “Why is our door open? I remember closing it. Did you open it,” the husband then asked as he noticed the door.

            “I closed it,” the wife replied.

            “Hey! Whoever’s in there better come out, now,” the husband then yelled. “I’ll give you three seconds!”

            The two of them waited outside of their house. They expected some sort of reply, but there was none. “Okay, three, two,” the husband counted down, waiting for whatever it was to come out. “One!”

            The husband then ran into the house. The wife waited outside for her husband to return telling her that it was an animal or something. Two minutes passed and finally the wife decided that it was safe to go inside.

            The second she entered the house, she noticed something so horrible and indescribable…her husbands body dismantled upon the floor. “NOOO!!!” She screamed as she dropped to her knees. Suddenly, the door they had entered closed behind her. Her tears poured onto the floor as she looked upon one of his arms.

            “Why!” She yelled. As she did this, she felt something warm on her neck. It felt like someone was breathing deeply upon her, as if it was looking over her shoulder to look at her husband’s body. She slowly turned around to see what she had expected to see, a horrible, vicious creature.

            Instead, when she turned around, she saw her dog, panting and breathing heavily down her neck. She took a deep breath but still cried over her husband’s horrible death. She turned back around to see her husband’s body when she heard the dog make a loud squeal. When she turned back, the dog was dead.

            Seeing that, she decided to run as quickly as she could out the door and into town. She was not going to let this creature kill her as it had killed the rest of her family. She ran out the still opened door and screamed with all of her might. She then slammed it hard behind her.

            “HELP!” The woman yelled as she ran toward the woods.  Night was setting in, just as it did with her daughter. She was not going to die the horrible fate that her daughter did; she would live. She heard the creatures feet following closely behind her, it was breathing very deeply. This was the exact experience that her daughter had had right before she died.

            She ran through the woods, quickly. If she could she tried to knock anything over that was in her viewing distance. Yet, when she did this, it seemed that the creature sped up even faster. “Someone! Please!” She yelled as loud as she could, hoping that someone in town would hear her.

            There was no response every time she yelled, the only response was the creature speeding up its pace. “Whatever you are, you have made me and my family suffer enough! Please stop!”

            The creature didn’t respond to this, it just continued to walk faster. The woman could feel him breathing down the back of her neck, she was indeed following the same experience her daughter had followed. “STOP, PLEASE!” She exclaimed, though the creature still wouldn’t respond.

            She then noticed that she could see the graveyard, she had indeed made it further than her daughter had. She could see it, getting closer and closer to her as she ran down the path. There was no one outside it appeared, she could see no moving figures around the graveyard, not even a car. All she could see was the dim city lights shining on the gates of the graveyard and the fencing around it.

            Finally, she made it out of the woods. She quickly ran to the fence of the graveyard. She followed the fence to try to find something to stab whatever this was that was chasing her. She finally found a rock from the old fencing around the graveyard to use. She yanked it as hard as she could from the bottom of the fence. It was a heavy rock, and it could surly do something to whatever was chasing her.

            The creature was approaching; its shadow figure was getting closer and closer. Once it was within a three foot range, she decided to throw the rock. She lunged the heavy rock with both hands and let go of it. She could see the rocks shadow flying toward the creature. The creature then let out a very loud yell and it’s shadow fell to the ground.

            “Yes…thank god.” She said as she saw it fall to the ground. The creature was completely silent. She then saw a flashlight from the distance. As soon as she saw it, she yelled for the person to come and help her. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her back. She quickly fell to the ground. Breathing became harder and harder.

            “Please…please, stop…whatever you are…” She tried to say, but it didn’t come out. She then felt a sharp pain in her arm, her neck, and on her leg. Suddenly, she felt an even sharper pain in her side. As soon as she felt that, everything slowly faded away. She saw the flashlight growing closer to her, she tried to yell help, but it wouldn’t come out. Then, everything was dark.

            The next day, the entire town was buzzing about the whole incident. Halloween Murder Part II was the headline on the local newspaper. The creature had indeed killed her, her husband, her dog, and the year before, her daughter. The entire family was lost to this horrible thing.

            What the woman had thrown the rock at, was a person who was coming to help her. She killed him, unknowingly. The newspaper in town stated this:


“It is believed that the woman who was murdered was the one who murdered her family. Local authorities suspect that she killed her husband and dog on October 30th, and then later that night killed herself when she was next to the cemetery. Before killing herself, she murdered the one believed witness to the crime. We will never know exactly what happened that night, but we do know that it was a very violent murder.”


            The newspaper truly has no idea what happened that night. All they know is what they found. Whatever this creature was, it only comes out on the night before Halloween, and seems to be after anyone who lives in this house. People in town are still debating weather the newspaper was true or not.

            Many people in town believe that the way she was killed was not possible. She couldn’t have done it herself. If you told them what the newspaper had said, they would easily reply “How could you stab yourself in the back?”

            But any local authority would reply, “She fell on a rock.” Which, indeed she had, there was rocks from the old Cemetery gate that had collapsed off of it due to age. So, truly, this will always remain an unsolved mystery.

            No one will ever know what this creature is or was. They can only assume they know. Unless the creature decides to come out again, which is highly possible, no one will ever know. The creature is still out there, and he usually comes out on Halloween, but he could come out at any time, and possibly, any place. By the time you find out what it is, you will already be dead. So be warned, the creature is still out there, and it is probably waiting for the perfect time to strike. Happy Halloween…

© 2010 EDRC

Author's Note

This is the second part of my "The Hallows Eve Creature of the Night" story.

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