Redemption of La Delle

Redemption of La Delle

A Story by EJ's Horror

A last will and testament of a retired War veteran who had came to his own grim conclusion of God and Humankind. Something I had written to fit into a 500 words or less story. Please honest opinions


Dear Reader,

I William Thomas La Delle, Ex- Sargent of the Thirteenth Battalion, hereby declare my long and painful existence had finally come to its climax and conclusion.

Twenty-years ago, I had seen the very evil of my own Brothers.

We are all God’s creation, we are mere Children who spawned his very own image.

In the War that I’ve been forcibly conscripted to, I had witnessed; Murder of my own comrades, whom were put down like injured stallions, rape and pillage of the enemy’s own beloved ones and the burning of homes that were once a Child’s safe haven.

To think our Father had made us in our own image disgusts me to the point I feel nauseous when the hypocrite Priest called his name.

The Muslim whom I met in my travels had told me that when God created Adam, he made all of the Angels bow to him. One gazed upon Adam and for reasons lost in translation between me and the Arabian trader, that Angel did not bow and for that, God cast him into the depths of our realm that now reeks with the scars and scent of our own corruption.

If Humans are indeed evil creatures, then forgive me for I have sinned.

Ten years ago, after various psychologists could not mend the scars for what I had seen, my Girlfriend, Anne and I thought about adopting a Dog from the pound. We called him ‘Jesus’ after it became evident that after his arrival my dreams of affliction had become less frequent. Almost like Jesus (The Dog) had healed me and taken my crimes and sins I’ve inflicted upon others away from me.

My pain continued to lessen after the birth of my son, Andrew.

My happiness for those few years had seemed to move up and down. I had often questioned whether I myself had sinned by bringing another evil Cretan in this world. I struggled with it, until I saw how much Jesus and Andrew had loved each other. Their bond grew forever strong.

God had taken Anne from me, I seen from that moment God had indeed created Humans in his own image. Humans were selfish and cruel, who hunt and kill for their own sport and pleasure. They will pick on those they see weaker than themselves. Why? Because they are nothing but weak themselves. God himself also took Jesus from me in the form of a careless Milk-Man.

I opened my old War trunk as I intended to use it for a coffin for Jesus this morning. I found my old service revolver. I opened the wheel to find a couple of bullets.

If fortune is on my side for at least once in my life, Andrew won’t feel me absolving my sin.

I would pray to God, but I now know there was one who was wiser.

All Hail the fallen Angel.

… All Hail Satan.


-        Yours sincerely

                                                                                SGT. W.T La Delle

© 2018 EJ's Horror

Author's Note

EJ's Horror
Please let me know honestly what you think :)

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This is powerful and worthwhile story. You made the reader believe and made the reader understand the thoughts of the man. I felt his struggle and I felt his pain. The story led to deadly ending. Men who had known only war and violence. Usually find violence ending. Thank you for sharing the outstanding story.

Posted 5 Years Ago

In this story, Darkness seems to prevails over Light. A very chilling ending, in which darkness leaves its streaks on the reader's mind.

Posted 5 Years Ago

EJ's Horror

5 Years Ago

Thanks Divya, I hope one day I may hone the ability to write something so dark and disturbing it mak.. read more

5 Years Ago

I will look forward to that. Please send me a read request.

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