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Fred's Revenge (How to handle a Gold-digger)

Fred's Revenge (How to handle a Gold-digger)

A Story by EJ's Horror

Zoey McIntyre was the most vile of users. Men to her were no more than ATM's and free taxis. She is about to learn a lesson in how to treat others around her.


“No! Fred! Not in this filthy creek!” My Girlfriend Zoey screamed.

By that point, I’ve felt my eager attempts to seduce her were now in vein. I thought tonight would be the night. Normally, I’d feel shameful for my actions towards her, but Zoey McIntyre was the renown Township ‘Gold-digger’. Even though many blokes in Ida Shire say the insides of her p***y would roll out when she would take her G-string off, or that having sex with her twat grants the exact feeling and pleasure of sticking your c**k into an empty drinking glass, she had some amazing b***s.

“Any excuse, eh?” I replied. “You’re just full of them!”

Zoey gave me a hard look, she stared directly into my eyes, as if she read all of my thoughts and feelings.

“Can I have 90 dollars for a new corset?” she replied.

Out of all my previous Girlfriends, Zoey was by far the rudest, she had little to no personality, no heart, not even a care for anyone around her. Even with her ‘besties’ she’d happily talk about their secrets or something nasty and quiet often untrue about them.

“F.Y.I!” I replied. “Handy hint, Zoey! If you’re going to scab money off a Guy, it pays to f**k them first!” In hindsight I regretted saying that, but I felt so frustrated that she would deliberately lead me on, change her mind, and then decide she wanted money out of me. I was more appalled and offended she treated me like an idiot, rather than a person, and I thought in turn it led me to treat her poorly also.

Zoey remained quiet, all she did was yawn at me. As if what I said to her completely bored her to death, come to think of it, she always yarned when I spoke. I doubted she ever cared about what anyone else thought.

“Are you going to say something?” I asked. “Or are you just going to yawn at me all night?”

“I’m leaving! I don’t know why I followed you to this creek!” she snapped. “Can I have your keys?”

The audacity, like she could have just asked me to drop her off. But no, she just wanted my Car.

“If you’re keen to leave, I can just drop you home!” I snapped.

“Just give me the keys!”

I was shocked at her dramatic change of voice, think of the most spoilt brat you’ve ever met, times this by a thousand. No, no one million! That was Zoey in a nutshell.

“You don’t even have a license, Zoey!” I retorted. “No way in Hell would I just hand you my Keys!”

Zoey smiled. She readjusted the Purse that hung from her Shoulder. She yawned at me again, this time she widened her eyes and tried to put on a sad face. Zoey tried to make her face seem as real as possible, but I’d always seen through her trap. My mind was set, I wasn’t going to hand her the Keys or my Car. Not only was this to spite her arrogance, but if I’d allowed her to drive my Vehicle and she crashed or got pulled up by a Cop, I’d be the one with my Balls on the Barbeque.

“I wasn’t going to drive it, Fred!” Zoey replied. “I don’t drive!”

“Then why do you need my Keys?”

Zoey laughed. Her Puppy-Dog face quickly turned into a sniggering expression, as if she was about to tell me a really funny joke she could barely contain.  

“I was going to get Tyson to drop me off… to his!”

I cunningly hid the surge of rage I felt, I had half a mind to punch her, the other half was to yell at her in an attempt to frighten her, but I knew better than to let her get the better of me.

“It’s twelve O’clock, Zoey!” I said. “He’s probably got gym tomorrow anyway!”

“Nah, I told him I’d get the Car off you!”

“Well you shouldn’t have!” I snapped. “Anyway, unless you’ve left any of your personal belongings in the Car, you can just F**K OFF!”

“No, I’ll take that ride offer, but to Tys…”

“F**K OFF!” I yelled. I pointed into the rough direction the Town was in. “You can just walk back now!”

Zoey started to pretend cry, she said. “You can’t leave me out here! I’ll get raped!”

I laughed. Her ‘friend’ Tyson doesn’t have any means to pick her up and she’d have to make the treacherous three-kilometre walk back to Town. Oh, sweet, sweet revenge! I thought to myself.

“Yeah, that Kangaroo we nearly hit looked like such a sexual deviant!” I joked. “I hope you don’t get mugged by them Cows on the walk back!”

I didn’t want to hang around and wait for her to realise I was actually slowly backing away to where I parked my Car.

When I felt the moment was right, I quickly bolted to my Car. I fired up the ignition and quickly checked to see any obstacles behind me, before I turned and pointed my hood towards the front of the highway. I wound down my window to hear the panicked, inaudible screams of my obviously ex-girlfriend.

I took off into the dim, moon-painted oasis that surrounded my Town, almost ten minutes later I saw all the pretty lights of civilisation. No doubt it would be a sight Zoey wouldn’t get to enjoy for a long time, that’s assuming she knew the way back.





© 2018 EJ's Horror

Author's Note

EJ's Horror
1000 words. Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you all think. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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I've known girls like that. It's funny that regardless of country, culture, or era there have always been and will always be "those girls". But to be fair, there are plenty of a*****e men out in the world too. Great story, and a fun read.

Posted 4 Years Ago

EJ's Horror

4 Years Ago

Thanks again, Shawn 😀 though, I agree with you, I was trying to not be biased, men and women can .. read more
Honest and realistic story was written. You made the characters come alive. I liked the honest conversation and the proper ending. The story had the feel of real life and real people. I did enjoy. Thank you for sharing the amazing tale.

Posted 5 Years Ago

EJ's Horror

5 Years Ago

Thank you once again, Coyote :) Sorry about the late reply, I had a fight with the internet company
Coyote Poetry

5 Years Ago

You re welcome my friend.

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