I Ain't Cryin' At That Coyoto No More

I Ain't Cryin' At That Coyoto No More

A Poem by Elephants & Coyotes

I laid nose-to-nose, in tall, old grasses, with a spirited coyote, some nights ago.
He said to me, with lips unparted and low, shiny eyes - to listen.

Hesitantly, I inched forward and nudged that coyote with my face, prodding him for something more.

But, nothing came.
He simply stared back at me, unblinkingly.

“I listen!”
I shouted with a heart on fire.
“I listen more than anyone I know!”

The coyote continued his staring game, quieting my bosomed flames.
Stubborn - they erupted, something ugly, from the valley, into the mountaintop.
Spilling from eyes, in the mountainside, I screamed back into his so loud,
The mountain ached from its shut in echo.

Patient " the coyote waited.
So, I stopped.

Somehow surprised, I found that, after the flames subsided into greys of ashes, in silence, I had begun to listen.

That coyote’s eyes were urging eyes, unmoving " unrelenting.

Obedient, I drew forth my worn, careful bag out and placed it, gently, in the dirt between us.
The coyote snatched it, in the grain between our breaths, and held it between clenched teeth.

I glared at him with challenging eyes " he stared back at me, just the same.

I reached out to grab it, but halfway there, I heard the coyote command me,


The coyote lay there, my ashes raging about loudly " still silent, my bag between his teeth.
As the ashes settled, his glaring eyes mellowed, and I watched as he gobbled it up.


A crow cawed somewhere.
The full moon shone down approvingly.

My soul sighed once.
My body followed.

The coyote slept -

I bowed my head in silence.

© 2011 Elephants & Coyotes

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Added on July 27, 2011
Last Updated on July 27, 2011
Tags: coyote, lessons, teaching, learning, grasses, nature, moon, caution, careful, trust, spirit animal, power animal


Elephants & Coyotes
Elephants & Coyotes


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