Sortakinda Dead

Sortakinda Dead

A Poem by Earl Schumacker

When dead is dead


Sortakinda Dead

Why bother naming babies in the foreign land

Sarin gas is not a Happy Birthday gift or plan

No way to play, no party list to live or die by

Syria is no kind of place for children's games

No Happy Birthday cakes but many planes

Full of surprises with dire consequences

Falling from the sky with great precision

Not with balloons but barrel bombs it rains

Down comes the pain for babies endings

Chlorine gas to bleach the level playing field

Containers full of dynamite and nails

Shrapnel is no toy for children in a war

Metal fragments make them just as dead 

As when the sarin fell on them 

They sortakinda have the same effect 

Why have a name when getting outta bed

Why bother naming babies in the foreign land

Why bother being born to die again

That sortakinda does not matter what you said

When dead is dead

© 2017 Earl Schumacker

Author's Note

Earl Schumacker
What is in a name?

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This reminded me of Woody Guthrie's 'Deportee' - "You won't need a name when you ride the big aeroplane...all they will call you will be, Deportee"
A strong (and rightly so) piece.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Earl Schumacker

4 Years Ago

Hi Tony, Thank you so much. Wood Guthrie is great. I appreciate your comments. Glad you liked it.. read more

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Added on April 13, 2017
Last Updated on April 13, 2017
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