Tea With Honey Please

Tea With Honey Please

A Poem by Earl Schumacker

A twist of lemon and rope if you please


Tea With Honey Please

(Southern Hospitality)

Who dares to serve me tea with lemon?!

On my own plantation born in heaven

Flowing in the land of milk and honey

Did I not say please....I'm sure I did

But now comes the first meal of the day spoiled

With a biter taste of lemon in place of honey

What kind of monster does such things?

What kind of creature did we hire?

It is time for them to expire

Someone must swing on the ancient tree

Under the golden sun and canopy of love

To their biter end they must remember

Tea needs honey for the sake of all humanity

Here in the South we pride ourselves on love

Southern hospitality brings tranquility and joy

Bring me my whips and guns for SOMEONE

He, she or it must be punished oh so quickly

Perhaps the word eradicate is more correct

For such an austere occasion on the plantation

Bring me a rope, a tree, a coward, a culprit

That they might dangle for their crime

Wrath is a wondrous thing...don't you think?

Enlightenment arrives in an instant with a lynching

Who dares to come between me and mine?!

For this outrage someone must die

It's an atrocity, a sin against all things me

How does one make a day perfect?

Surely not with lemon on the tray

A tea with honey and a hanging

What could be sweeter in Spring

Some one swinging in the sour breeze

Blossoms white turn into hours sweet 

Tea needs honey to be right, served with toast

Crunchy on both sides with a smiley face

Carved out of crust before we get to lunch

Before we bury justice in the dust

Is it too much to ask for orange juice too

Without seeds and void of pulp please!

Freshly squeezed for breakfast pleasure

One execution per day is so delightful

Lemon flowers are so pretty and serene

In fact intoxicating as we watch the hired help

Dangling between the lovely blossoming

A hard days work for honest wages

Is what it is all about here in the South

© 2018 Earl Schumacker

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Added on October 18, 2018
Last Updated on October 18, 2018
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Earl Schumacker
Earl Schumacker

Atlantic City, NJ

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