A Poem by Earl Schumacker

It's a long way down or is it?



Once upon a time but not right now or ever

A parachutist climbed the short oak tree

On private property not yours or mine

The sign read, “Trespassers will be shot

on sight” (sight unseen)

Our flying man used fingers on both hands to climb

8 of them plus 2 thumbs as I'm reminded of the crime

All hands are innocent until proven guilty

Tree/land violators will be considered flying legal

If found rising to the sky with parachutes behind them

At the top he stopped, having nowhere else to go

Using skills but not his knowledge for jumping off

Like superman on hypnotic kryptonic substances

That could lead to harder drugs

Or landing like a block of lead in mud

His hands stretched out pretending to be wings

The chute forgot to open or to chirp or work

Because chutes are not birds and they don't chirp

Rip cords don't pull themselves

Parachutes don't deploy from tops of trees

We hear someone yelling “Geronimo!”

While leaping between the leaves and forest

It was not a question of technology for the man

Perhaps the tree or ground got in the way of progress

Distances can cause misunderstandings about the land

Sound judgment and adjustments are required

Part of the calculus of jumping from above

He ended up where he had come from

Face down in the mud where he belongs

Not jail where you might suppose for trespassing

© 2019 Earl Schumacker

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Added on December 21, 2019
Last Updated on December 21, 2019
Tags: Tree, ground, flight


Earl Schumacker
Earl Schumacker

Atlantic City, NJ

B.A. Degree in Literature and Language. I enjoy writing short stories, poetry, novels and keeping up with new scientific discoveries. I enjoy philosophy and Art appreciation. more..

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A Poem by Earl Schumacker