Distribution Of Wealth- a job half done

Distribution Of Wealth- a job half done

A Story by Earl Schumacker

Body-Cam diplomacy


Distribution Of Wealth �" A job half done

(Body-cam diplomacy)

$1.1 trillion dollars was dumped into many African nations over the past several years in the form of developmental aid for those countries in order to help the poor. Has it worked? No. Why?

We and other supporting nations cast a blind eye when we should be casting a critical eye on the matter.

Here is an example; US and other support countries land tons of food and care packages at various airports in Africa. Street gangs, thugs and warlords with guns and rifles are there to greet them. They take the supplies and give them to government officials and or sell the delivered goods to the poor at high prices. Did I mention; these are poor people?

Imagine going on a vacation with your family where all of the legs of the trip such as transportation, hotel stays, food, entertainment, and sites to be visited are all laid out and coordinated in advance by your travel agent. Imagine one of those itinerary items was missing; say the transportation from the hotel back to the airport so you can return home so you can make more money for another trip sometime in the future. If any one of the links in the trip plan are broken, bad things happen.

What if the same thing happened when our military or civilian workers drop and run at these airports with needed life support, with life enhancing supplies and all of the dots are not connected in the supply chain from start to finish? Again, bad things happen. If you are on a flight from NYC to Paris France and the pilot decides to drop you off half way to your destination, you will become more than just wet.

We have clear evidence of the gangs and warlords pushing the poor aside. In many cases shooting the poor; unarmed people in front of our delivery men and taking all of the aid being delivered. There are no consequences for this insanity. A report is filed, buried in the bureaucratic government maze of incompetence in the library of “The Job Half Done.” The incidents and the absurdities and criminal acts go unrecognized and the bad actions continue. If someone hits you on the head with a hammer one day, would you want them to do it again every day thereafter?

Unfortunately, our delivery people do not have authorization or distribution permission from these needy African nations hierarchy. It is no secret that governments are corrupt. (Legally corrupt.) We give them permission to hit us over the head. Thank you! Can I have another?

Our delivery people have their hands tied in these matters. They can not complete the task they are assigned to. They can only complete half of the task.

Is there a solution? Should we stop sending trillions of dollars in developmental aid products to these nations? Yes and no. There has to be a better way to see to it that supplies get to their final destination, “the poor.” There will always be red tape. Sadly; to catch a criminal you must think like a criminal. The only way forward at this time is to circumvent the red tape and foreign governments who obstruct and are obstacles to progress by going around them and find the means to smuggle in supplies utilizing clandestine tactics or dealing with the gangs on their own terms. It is better to give them, (the bad guys) half of the pie with assurances that their payoff is secure. We, the US and other “giving” nations will guarantee the criminals of their portion of the pie and profits. In turn, they will distribute the other half of the pie directly to the poor. The gangs will become our distribution agents.

In reality, in all honesty, there is little or no difference between gangsters and government officials. Their pay grades are about the same.

Today we make our local police forces wear body-cams. We can scrutinize their every action 24 hours a day every day with microscopic accuracy in live feed surveillance, where the smallest of crimes can be detected and viewed in live real time. We should be able to equip our shipment delivery people and the delivered aid to foreign entities, where billions if not trillions of dollars are at stake, with the same equipment. Truth is always looking for the light of day and when it is night we have night vision equipment. The poor need the truth but more importantly, they need the food.

© 2020 Earl Schumacker

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Added on January 30, 2020
Last Updated on January 30, 2020
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