The Easy Life

The Easy Life

A Story by Earl Schumacker

Cause and effect of relaxing rules


The Easy Life

It is time to sit back and enjoy the easy life. This is not the Black Plague, Ebola break out or Spanish Flu. Covid 19 is a simple viral pathogen making its appearance on the world stage for the very first time in history. It is only a nano particle without an agenda.

We dare not call it the Chinese flu because that would be racist. Forget about the fact that it came from the Department of Virology in Wuhan China. Our news outlets are not interested in facts. They have religion. It is called politics. They have an agenda. “Anything but Trump!” They also have a new god called Covid 19 which has come for their salvation. This virus could take down our economy, our people and most importantly, the president.

Covid 19 did not come from a market place in Wuhan or from heaven. It came from the Wuhan government virology labs, from bats they were experimenting on and originally coming from the United States. One of our labs, Gilead Sciences, gave them access to the virus information.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV ; Chinese : 中国�'学院武汉�-��'�"究所 ; pinyin : Zhōngguó K�"xuéyuàn W�"hàn Bìngdú Yánjiūsu�') is a research institute on virology administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). 1 History 2.1 2019�"20 coronavirus outbreak 3 Research centers

The Covid 19 story begins in the Gilead Foster City labs which are located near San Francisco Ca. A few years ago Chinese operatives from Wuhan took the blue prints or coding material of the Covid 19 from Gilead Sciences back to China.

This is going to sound racist but; the Chinese are famous for stealing US technologies and sciences and slapping their own brand names on US inventions and items. Their products usually turn out to be cheap spins offs of our products. Case in point; Covid 19 was meant to be used as an anti viral agent to cure other coronavirus infections. It was not meant to become weaponized to destroy humanity.

Today, the Wuhan governing party houses SARS, EBOLA, HIV and other deadly pathogens at their virology labs with little or no safeguards. In recent years they have had critical other outbreaks. Many people in their region died. They could just as easily have released Ebola. They still can.

Today the US and China media outlets are showing us images of the pangolin animal as the cause for this worldwide plague in order to deflect the real cause of the pandemic which origins are factually based in the Wuhan virus labs.  Are you distracted yet? 

Are you having a nice day yet? The easy life is just around the corner, just inside the city limits of Wuhan China.

© 2020 Earl Schumacker

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 26, 2020
Tags: espionage, danger, plague, judgement, controls


Earl Schumacker
Earl Schumacker

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