Original Sin And Bazookas

Original Sin And Bazookas

A Story by Earl Schumacker

History, religion and gun control


Original Sin And Bazookas

Adam and Eve were the first people. One of them was male. One of them was a female. They had no problem with gender identity because they walked around naked. It was easy for them to sort it out. (It was legal back in the day to expose yourself openly. The politics and laws were simple.)

The devil came along to distract Adam and Eve. He was a snake. Snakes don’t wear cloths so obviously he was naked too. In fact he is still naked even to this day. Well, maybe when he is campaigning for office he will wear a business suit.

In any event he caused Adam and Eve to miss the mark. They went way off target. Their love for God went out the window, (figuratively speaking because windows had not been invented yet.) Their relationship with God went south. Modern man is easily distracted too. Bad things happen when you get distracted.

It is important to understand the original meaning of the word “sin” and its meaning today. Some Christian theologians have adopted the ancient word “hamartia”, “hamartema” and “hamartano”. In the original Greek New Testament, the most common word translated as “sin” or “sins” is “hamartia” In archery, anything outside the center bullseye is called “Missing the mark” or loosely translated, “sin.”

In Christian terms, anything and everything outside the center of the target, namely God, is a sin. That is a bit of a stretch in my estimation but it does not hurt to be focused when it comes to eternity related matters.

And now back to the ancient Greeks. They liked the bow and arrow. It was their weapon of choice. A bazooka would have served them better but it had not been invented yet. It would have definitely been my weapon of choice along with a hand held rocket launcher if I lived in that era.

Could you imagine the Greek army marching off to war where every soldier had a bazooka on his shoulder to fight an enemy equipped only with bows and arrows? I can. That would be awesome.

I might be changing my mind about gun control in the US. Maybe we should outlaw hand guns. They should give every man, woman and child in America a bazooka. I know what you are thinking, “Babies can’t handle bazookas.” That is why you give them baby bazookas….Dah.

© 2022 Earl Schumacker

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Added on July 29, 2022
Last Updated on July 29, 2022
Tags: sin, religion, history, gun control


Earl Schumacker
Earl Schumacker

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