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Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence

A Story by Eastcider

Whilst writing this I describe my nervous moments of blogging for the first time in a room ironically contrasted by comfort and discomfort in abundance at the same time.



 What was once the sounds of music and comedy breaking the silence, has given way to an anchorwoman saying Obama has had the worst recorded economic recovery in over 70 years. Now the weather.


 It's (almost) sunny and warm here. The sun is rising a little slower it seems, half light of daybreak spanning the hour entirely..


As I listen to a live national radio broadcast, playing music over a hundred years old, from over 2500 miles away, I think to myself, "Surely this is the closest thing to time travel I'll ever get." These symphonic orchestras are the best for breaking writer's block for me.


 I wondered why starting a blog feels very similar to stagefright, after considering you, the audience, and me alone with my thoughts until I click 'publish' whereafter it's open mic - living, breathing ideas and information let loose to be scrutinized, judged, impermeable.. and the writer hoping for acceptance in a world where we don't know the names of our own neighbours, here finding a better relationship in complete strangers with a common interest.


I've always loved to write, in the past quite a few lines of poetry as well, to allow you to see what I see, using words to illuminate and illustrate to your minds eye my thoughts and memories, clarity decided only by language itself.


 I heard a saying: It's not so much what we look at. More importantly it's how we see it, that matters most. As your eyes patrol the paragraphs, no two readers will see the same thing in a written piece,even though both have the same information.


Such as the fireplace alight to my left, close enough to feel the warmth on my left arm while still keeping the morning wet coolness out of my bones. There is the Tom and Jerry style of soundtrack fueling my fingertips almost as if I'm playing the piano that I hear..


 A cat lays beside me, she's my morale support. Mostly quiet and complacent, a perfect blogging partner. She's 15 years old. Yup..that's an old kitty.

She's in great shape, tho. She can bench 240. Just joking.

She is healthy, that much is true.


In a room of fur and fire, and the breaking dawn..a new day, a new blogger, let loose like a teenager with an all day pass at Six Flags. Here I am. It's been a long night. The morning sun is still climbing the Rockies. I think it might be about a half hour more until we're at full flame, as I put the fire out, I wonder what this day brings..

© 2013 Eastcider

Author's Note

..none of us like critisism..but we all know it helps. (did I spell that right?)
~ t-h-a-t ~ yup, that's right. ;)

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I enjoy the way you relay information. It seems down to earth, reminds me of some of my stuff. I think "half life of daybreak spanning the hour entirely" is kind of ambiguous and awkward.

Again with, "playing music over a hundred years old, from over 2500 miles away."

I think I can explain why I find this confusing. It's the way the words are arranged. It says, "As I listen, playing music over a hundred years..." and then you see OLD. I mean, it could have been, as I listen... playing music over the anchorwoman's drone. You see what I mean?

I enjoy clicking publish/send. I have said so many things I regret in my lifetime... whether e-mailed or commented or published online. I don't regret them, per se, and it felt great to click that button, but the outcome was pretty bad. It's a great feeling, though... it''s almost like you have released it. The thing about truly publishing something, tho, like in a book, is you can never get it back, and that's starting to bother me.

The way your writing flows is good. The rhythm of it. Patrol paragraphs, illuminate and illustrate... I like those. I agree, too, with the same thing. that's why it makes no sense to explain or to even seek to reach the authors in a certain way. During my stint in art school, (and before while interacting with writer-people) I was disgusted by how people wanted to lead you toward a "meaning." when you read their work.

Things like "close enough to feel the warmth on my left" could easily be just arm because you already established left. I also like the Tom and Jerry line. That scene itself is very accessible.

fur and fire, breaking dawn, new day. Like that.

That's all I have to say.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 16, 2013
Last Updated on April 16, 2013
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