Scarf It Up, Mrs. Obama !

Scarf It Up, Mrs. Obama !

A Story by Easter3

Life is so diverse that there are many many ways to Scarf It Up.......

“Have you heard about all of Twitter-Tweet lighting up with all of this fol-der-ol over Mrs. Obama not wearing a Scarf over her head, when she and her hubby, the President of these United States of America, went to pay their respects to the late Saudi King Abdullah, and his kin,” Sassyfrass asked her friend Lily May in dismay.

“I sure have Sassyfrass,” Lily May replied.  “Isn’t it a shame ?”

“A shame ?  A shame ?” Sassyfrass retorted.  “Why Lily May, what in the world do they expect a Western Woman to dress like ?  She had on a beautiful blue and black outfit that any woman would be proud to own for Sunday meetings or funerary attire.  And her hair looked wonderful.  A little wind blown, but wonderful nonetheless.”

“Yes, yes.  I saw her attire on the news this afternoon as well, Sassy.  And the First Lady looked finely attired to me as well,”  Lily May agreed.

“Well, there are some folks saying that the First Lady was being disrespectful towards the ceremony at hand, and the Saudi Royal Family as a whole, because she did not wear a cotton pickin’ Scarf over her head.  Can you imagine that ?  She and President Obama cut their important meetings in India short, and missed seeing the very romantic and beautiful Taj Mahal together as a couple just to be able to pay their Respects to King Abdullah and his Family.”  Sassyfrass said incredulously.

“I know.  I know, Sassy.  I heard all about it on my Facebook page.  It is simply amazing how quickly the word gets out in today’s amazing Social Media.  Why I could start a a burp right now, and the news of my indigestive indiscretion would be around the world before I was even finished with it,”  Lily May conjectured.

“That is so true, Lily May.  And folks would already be remarking on the loudness of it and what it probably smelt like, to boot,”  Sassyfrass added.  “There is just no such thing as privacy anymore.  But we digress, Lily May.”

“Yes, yes, but we often find ourselves doing that whenever we get together, Sassy,”  Lily May admitted.

“Well, let’s set that aside for another conversation as well, Lily May, if that’s alright you.  I want to get back to this global misunderstanding on some folks part about what a Western Woman should or should not wear when she attends another culture’s very important ceremony,”  Sassyfrass suggested.  “The First Lady is the representative of all of America whenever she goes to an event like that.  But most importantly, at least to me anyway, is that she is there representing all American Women.”

“Yes, yes, that she is, Sassy.  That she is,”  Lily May agreed.

“And it seems to me, that most American Women - most Western Women would have dressed just as the First Lady did, because to do otherwise would have been a misrepresentation of who and what we are today, and who and what we are still struggling to become in a Free and Democratic Society,”  Sassyfrass said with conviction.

“Yes ma’am !  You are preaching to the choir, girl.  Preaching to the choir !”  Lily May exclaimed emphatically.

“Well,”  Sassyfrass exhaled dramatically.  “Now, that we have got that settled, what are you planning to take to the Church Pot Luck this coming Sunday ?”

“Why, my King’s Ranch casserole, Sassy.  What else ?’  Lily May said matter-of-factly.

“I was hoping that you would say that, Lily May, because I’m making my prize winning homemade Dutch Apple-Pecan Pie,”  Sassyfrass said proudly.

“Well, I spoke with Margery early this morning, and she told me that everyone in the Women’s Auxiliary has committed to bringing their best dishes as well.  So, there should be more than enough for everyone to Scarf Up and Shove Down to their heart and their stomach’s delight,” chirped Lily May.

Both Friends stared at one another briefly, and burst out laughing.

“Lily May, you certainly are woven from a very special piece of cloth, my Friend,”  Sassyfrass said happily.

“Takes a special bolt of cloth to know one, Sassy,”  Lily May chuckled.  Takes one to know one.”


© 2015 Easter3

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Added on January 29, 2015
Last Updated on January 29, 2015
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