Measles Inoculation Speculations

Measles Inoculation Speculations

A Story by Easter3

is there an Inoculation against Non-Sensical Specualtion ?

“Yes, I understand that you have Freedom of Choice and Liberty Rights.  That you have a Right to say what your Child or YourSelf can or cannot have or get.  I understand that you have strong Principles, Values and Morals.  I understand all of that.”

“But do Germs have Principles, Values and Morals ?  Do Dis-eases have Principles, Values and Morals ?”

“I get that you don’t want the Government telling you and yours what to Do.  I understand that you think that your Individual Rights trump the overall Safeguarding of the Community you live and thrive within.  I understand all of your arguments against the proven Science of Vaccines for Immunities against terrible Dis-eases that could possibly kill You or your Children.”

“But what about your Responsibility to the Community you live in ?  Does the Community have no Rights to Protect ItSelf from your Choice to take Liberties with their Lives ?  Does the Community, as a whole, have no Right to Protect and Safeguard its own Children from your decision to leave your Children susceptible to the very UnPrincipled, Valueless, and Amoral Dis-ease of Measles ?  A Dis-ease which in all proven mathematical probability could kill their Children ?”

“You Law Makers espousing this Mindset of Principle, Values and Morals (some of you being doctors and parents yourselves) have created Laws forcing folks to purchase Car Insurance for the Benefit of, and the Responsibility to their Community.  Just in case someone crashes into your Car or you crash into someone else’s Car creating injuries and damages.  And yet you won’t stress those same Individual and Community oriented Principles, Values and Morals toward a dis-ease which is known to have the possibility to kill some Human Beings that it invades and infects ?  Hmmm…..”

“So, if we don’t have a need to Inoculate our Children and Ourselves for Dis-eases which could possibly kill us, then none of us needs Car Insurance either, right ?”

“Well,  in the Principled, Value-based and Moral World that you abide by, let’s hope that no one Crashes into your Car or that you accidentally crash into someone else’s Car.  Or that your Child gets infected by the UnPrincipled, Valueless, and Amoral Measles (or any other communicable Dis-ease for that matter) and passes it on to some other Parent’s unsuspecting Child, and that Child dies, because that’s another Pot of Responsibility Stew altogether to have to digest (or in-digest) in your Community at large.”

“Measles is an Airborne Dis-ease.  You have but to walk into a room and Breathe or Talk or Cough or Sniffle or Sneeze or Wheeze, and if the UnPrincipled, Valueless, Amoral Measles Germs are running amuck and searching out a new Host - another Body to snatch and infect, weaken and Dis-ease, that’s that.”

“That’s what Germs do.  They have no Freedom and Liberty Values.  They don’t care about what the Government does or does not do.  They don’t care about whether or not you have or have not Vaccinated and Inoculated Your Child or your Loved Ones or Yourselves against any damage they might wreak.  They just seek to invade and infect.”

“In fact, the Human Host that Germs invade and try to infect can have all of the Moral Fiber and Freedom of Choice and Liberty Values in the world.  If the Germ invades an unprotected and unsafe-guarded Human Host and sickens and kills that Human Host, then all of those Moral Fibers and Freedom and Choice and Liberty Values were for naught.  And protected and enriched and safeguarded their Lives not at all.  Making one and all meaningless, valueless and void.”

The Freedom of Choice and Liberty Values Host gave The Stranger a deer-in-the-headlights stare and said,  “What did you say your name was ?”

“Rubella.  Ima Rubella.  And if you can’t listen to and absorb Common Sensical, Moral and Responsible Reason, then the next time you look into a Mirror of Self-Reflection and Introspection (if ever you do) then you’ll be staring back at someone called Your’a Idiot."  

© 2015 Easter3

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Added on February 3, 2015
Last Updated on February 3, 2015
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