Enough Already !  Enough !

Enough Already ! Enough !

A Story by Easter3

When will the World Wake Up and Sing out Enough already ! Enough !

ISIS’s burning to decay and ashes the vital and living Mind, Heart and Body of young Jordanian Pilot is not really a Game Changer.

The Rotten, Nihilistic, Death Core of these particular Jihadists’ has not Changed.  Not one whit.  These Free Roaming, and at times clustered, dis-eased and dis-easing Radicals have not Changed.  They have just ramped up their insultive, in-your-face, provocative, dis-easing, manipulative Drama. 

They are saying and Acting Out, “See how Evilly Cool we are !  See what we Will Do to you and others !  We hocker up real big ones and spit in your Faces, and into the Faces of your Tribes, your Families, your Loved Ones, your Towns, your Regions, your States, your Nations !

“We will capture you, EnSlave you, torture you, rape you, plunder you, chop you up into little bitty pieces and behead you, and worst of all we will burn you alive before the mesmerized and horrified Eyes of the World !”

“You will go to Hell or we will put you through and into Hell if you do not Do things Our Way !”

“See how Evilly Cool we are ?  Come join us !  Answer to the Piper’s Death and glory Call !  Allah Akbar !”

ISIS is nothing new.  It’s evil, and dis-eased, and dis-easing Roots are Ancient, and all too well known to Humankind.

ISIS and its churning yearning to create a Utopian-Distopian Holy Caliphate is old news, that’s leaving the rest of the World with a terrible case of indigestion and Singing the Blues.

ISIS is in the midst of trying to destructively create a Regressively Static Society using the Theocratic Masks and Disguises of “Allah (God) is Calling upon us and Making us Do this !  We are Doing all of this for Allah (God) and our People !”

“We are wreaking all of this Evil, Nihilistic, Brutal Murder and Mayhem upon one and all for Allah (God) and our People (even though it is our very own People that we are butchering and killing psychologically and bodily if they do not bend to Our Will - to our version of Allah’s (God’s) Will).

The World has always had to deal with Bullies.  Yes, even Theocratic Bullies.  In fact, they can be especially Evil, because they are Doing and destructively Creating all of their Sin-filled Evil in the name of whatever God they Believe in.  And Theocratic Bullies thoroughly enjoy and employ their Bully Pulpits for their greater Glory while swearing that all of their Bully Pulpitting is being done in the Name of this or that God and their People (their voluntary or Enslaved Followers is what they really mean).

Theocratic Bullies like ISIS are a malevolent manifestation of the Dark Side - the Psychosis of their own Religion and dysfunctional Societies, and their own Will and Intentions.

Enough Already !  Enough !

And the brutal Authoritarian Dictatorship of Assad is no better than ISIS as he Chose to commit murderous genocide on certain factions of his own People and their Children while sipping tea and tucking his own Children safely into the unscathed and non-brutalized warmth and comfort of their own soft beds.

He, too, is a part of the Dark Side Psychosis in this particular global equation.

The Pied Piper will always travel the World warbling his haunting and devastating Tune of avenging restitution as long as the World perpetuates these types of very destructive and Nihilistic Behavioral Patterns.  Whether they are Done in the Name of Allah, God, Buddha, Krishna…etc.,  Money and Power or not.  They all have the same painfully costly annihilating InComes and OutComes.

Enough Already !  Enough !

Muslim Voices around the World have a Responsibility to Rise up against this destabilizing and destabilized Dark Side Psychosis of their own Religious and Social Traditions, just as Christians finally had to Raise their Voices against the heinous acts of the Crusaders - against the Church’s torturous and burned alive at the stake Inquisition - against Slavery and Discrimination - against the cross burning, lynching and sheet wearing KKK (and others of their ilk) - against their Evils WithIn as well as their Evils WithOut.

This is a never ending Process that demands constant Awareness and Vigilance from One and All.

Due to Social Media, which brings about World Awareness of The Other at the click of a button, Humanity has some tremendous Opportunities to truly Evolve forward.  

Or we can Choose to Devolve backward into the sinkhole of the same old repetitive usages and bad habits of the same old destructive Patternings that have continued to hold Humanity back for whatever Reasonings or UnReasonings.

The Choices are ours to Make or Break.  The Future is ours to Make or continue to Break.  What will our Choices Be ?  What will we Choose to Become ?

Enough Already !  Enough !

Static Societies like the one that ISIS is so violently and relentlessly attempting to carve out of the Middle East are easier to Control.  Make the Class System rigid and movement free, the Economic System rigidly and lawfully benefiting and controlled by The Few, Tribalism, Racism, Exclusion, Discrimination, Bigotry and steep InEqualities the Rule of Thumb and Club, and the rabble and rabble-rousers are easier to Control and hold under Authoritarian, Totalitarian dictates, mandates and Rule.

Dynamic Societies consist of constantly Evolving Class Systems, Economic Systems, Governmental Systems, Tribes, Races, measurements of Fair and Just Equality and Opportunities.  The inhabitants generally seek to Control and Shape themselves and their Environments.  Thusly, Democratic impulses take wing and arise.

The World Benefits more fully, and is more progressively Fruitful in the Name of a God and Human Actions and Reactions of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Fair and Equal Justice and Opportunities for One and All.  The World is more fully Realized by Every living person and creature when we all Share and Act Out these attributes of God - of Allah - of Buddha - of Krishna…etc..

All else leads to meaningless, scattered Dust and Ashes in the Winds of lost Time and the Black Holes of the Cosmos.

Enough Already !  Enough !



© 2015 Easter3

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Added on February 5, 2015
Last Updated on February 5, 2015
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