Putin's Ukrainian Cookie Jar

Putin's Ukrainian Cookie Jar

A Story by Easter3

You put your Hand in the Cookie Jar, and then try to get it out....

Putin has his grasping Bully-Boy Hand in the Cookie Jar of Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity.  And Putin insists that he’s just protecting the huffin’ and puffin’ blow-your-house-down Ukrainian Separatists and Ukrainian civilian Russian Sympathizers from the Wiley Wiles of the West and from joining NATO.

Putin also claims that these Russian-Ukrainians really want to return to the arms of Mother Russia, and bring the Territorial Integrity of Ukraine right along with them.  Funny how other Bully Boy leaders like Hitler made very similar claims in the not too distant past.  Hitler also believed in sending his lethal War Toys and well trained troops into other outlying countries that had once been considered a part of the German Empire which he claimed were filled with German Sympathizers and Separatists (and other vital resources greatly needed by Germany) who also wanted to return to the ever lovin’ crushing arms of the Fatherland Germany.

Ummmm, Ummmm !  Cookies Jars, especially familiar ones, can be so enticing !

So, while sitting down in Good Faith Negotiations at the Table of Peace with Germany’s very intelligently thoughtful, Russian speaking Leader, Andrea Merkel, and France’s very adept Prime Minister, Hollande, to hopefully reinstate and reapply the Good Faith promises already instated and applied within a recently signed Treaty that even Putin, himself signed to stop Russia’s further violence and encroachment into the Territorial Integrity of Ukraine (and skimming over the outright violent theft of Crimea from Ukraine), Putin’s War Toys and well trained troops continue to creep and crawl, shoot, bomb and kill anything and anyone standing in their way to Kiev.  Ba-Ba-Ba-boom !

Putin continues to inform the Russian People that ’the West is doing this.  Not me.  This is all of the West’s fault.  Not mine.’  Because he feels and thinks that Ukraine belongs to old Mother Russia.  No matter what the bulk of present day Ukrainians may think or feel.

And so, Putin and his War Toys and well trained troops, and bullets and bombs, and tanks and air missiles that blow passenger airplanes (and their hundreds of passengers) out of the air and into daisy covered Ukrainian fields, and daily murders and obliterations continue to encroach and usurp everything within their bloody grasp.  But, remember, they’re really not there.  They are really all Ukrainian Separatists - not Putin’s well trained troops and hard to use War Toys at all.

Putin decries the claims of the West and Kiev.  “Don’t be fooled my Russian People (that I have made my personal Oligarchic fortunes off of while climbing to and manipulating through Power).”  Do not be fooled by the propaganda of the West and Kiev.  This is all of the West’s doing (those meddlesome creatures that they are).  The West and the Ukrainians who long for a pluralistic and democratic society based upon principals of Freedom and Fair and Equal Justice, Rights and Opportunities.”

“Pshaw !  I spit in their faces while spewing and eschewing little, and not so little, outright Lies into those very same faces !”

“Russia’s well trained troops and War Toys are not mutilating and killing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Ukrainians as the Ukrainians try to free themselves from the sticky clutches of the West.”

“This War, that is not really a War or a theft of Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity, Lands and People does not rest upon my manly-man shoulders.  And my threatening the World through my ambitions, long term plans and goals, and violently aggressive and assertive Actions with Cold War II and possibly World War III is all the West’s fault.  The blame is all theirs.”

“Why, I am planning another bare-chested journey on pony-back through the mountains as I speak.  So, how could I, Putin, be at the bottom of this Global very messy Mess ?”

“Russian People !  Look !  Look !  I have two Hands.  Keep your Eyes on the Hand holding onto the distractingly, yet proudly waving flag of Mother Russia.  Ignore the greedy Hand fumbling around within the Ukrainian Cookie Jar.  Although, I must admit that there are plenty of Oil, Sea Coast and Resource Cookies in here to crumble, and I, Putin, promise to leave my Russian People with all of the crumbs, just as I have always done.  Because Mother Russia and my Russian People, as always, I, Putin, am only thinking of Me, Me, Me…and then you.”


© 2015 Easter3

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Added on February 10, 2015
Last Updated on February 10, 2015
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