HUmanity's Demons Are Growling and Prowling

HUmanity's Demons Are Growling and Prowling

A Story by Easter3

Humanity’s Demons Are Growling and Prowling Be careful, my Beloveds. Be careful. 
The Demons of Humanity are Growling and Prowling.
It is a Time, once again, when Gods of Creation and Creativity are focused on the Darker Energies of Annihilation and Destruction. Stunted, radicalized, hate-filled, rigidly intolerant, bigoted, exclusionary, condemning, perverting, angry, destabilizing, violent prone, war making, self-righteous Religious (and Non-Believers along for the not-so-free- Free ride upon this Red, Raging, Annihilating Tide) are giving Life to The Shadow �" The Dark Demons of their God �" their Allah �" their Beliefs and Dis-Beliefs. While strangling to Death the Enlightened �" The Loving and Compassionate �" The Empathetic �" The Inclusive �" The Openly Tolerant �" The Peace Makers �" The Stabilizers �" The Just and Equality Seeking Civilization Builders �" The Light and Revelatory Energies of their God �" their Allah �" their Beliefs and Guiding Energies.
 If Humanity as a Whole Roots its Reactions in Destructive Patterns of the Past every time it is Hurt or Horrified or Degraded or made to be Fearful, as the Darker Active Energies of the Muslim and the Christian World have already Rooted their Destructive Actions in Patterns of the Past, then Armageddon will overtake us All.
These Misguided Religious, Lost Souls and Negative Energy Free Riding Radicals are Seeking to make these Ancient Prophesies come to Life, because they Want �" they Need the False and Dark Powers they Misguidedly think these Energies will give them. Foolish, perverse, destructive Souls that they Want to �" Need to be.
If the more Humane, Just and Positively Visionary Energies of Humanity Choose to go forward Creating Enlightened alternate versions of Past Patterns in response to dealing with and quelling the Darker Energies overt Honey Traps, War Proddings and Button-pushings, and machinations, and focus instead upon Peace and Stability for One and All, and less destructive ways to manage The Whole, then the West and the East will Win the Day. Will shed Light upon, and diminish the Dark.
The Muslims must Actively get hold of �" get in control of and Heal and Transform their Dark Demons and manifestations. The Christians must do the same. The Non-Believers must do the same. Each Religious and Non-Religious Energetic Energy must embrace and confront their Demons, and convert them into Light Giving and Light Bearing Energies.
The demonic Terrorists (who hide behind the lies of “Allah/God made me do it”) who desecrated, bombed and shot-up Paris killing a multitude of Innocents on Friday 13th, the day that the violent Death of the demon possessed Jihadi John is being trumpeted across the social media, television and radio airwaves. Giving these Dark Deeds a reverberating Energetic Life of their own to be felt throughout and around the World Want to �" Need to Scare the Pants of The West. The demonic Terrorists want to �" Need to Manipulate Western countries into closing their Open Border �" Open Minds, Open Hearts and Open Souls, because they want the West to be punishing and rejecting of the fleeing Refugees and Others. They Want �" they Need The West to start Feeling and Thinking divisively, negatively and knee-jerk reactively.
The demonic Terrorists Want to �" Need to manipulate the West into containing and maintaining the Refugees in Shanty Town-Camp Cities, because the Refugees day-in and Day-out myriad of Humiliations, Sufferings and Despair will Turn the Evil Worms given further Life within their heavy laden Hearts and Souls. Their Angers and Hatreds will Grow, ferment, and poison them into Becoming Demonic Terrorists themselves. 
The demonic Terrorists are Seed bedding Shanty Town-Camp Cities filled with more and more demonic Terrorists. They intend to allow The West’s Good Intentions, and confused dealings toward the Refugees, to Sour within the very Folks The West Seeks to Help.
 The demonic Terrorists Want to �" Need to increase the Enemy Within and Without of The West, and expand their Demonic numbers without wasting too much precious ammunition, too many bombs or willing Suicide Demons (Lost Souls). They Want to �" Need to make The West shoot itself in the Foot and in the Heart.
The demonic Terrorists want to incense and inspire other Lost, Fear-based Souls willing to Become Demons to do just that �" become the already existing Demonic Terrorists Slavish Demons of Destruction. It’s a Game of Demon Play made to falsely appear Holy and Righteous. Glory be to Allah/God !
The demonic Terrorists Seek to turn The West’s Good Deeds against The West through The West’s growing Fear and Need to Protect ‘their own”. It’s an old Pattern that The West, and Friends of The West, in Reacting in unexpectedly different ways can foil and redirect. Can Positively, and surprisingly Transform.
The Demonic Terrorists are Growling and Prowling. An uneasy Season is upon us……. 
Unless the Muslims, Christians and Non-Believers of the World Rise Up and get control of their Religion’s Darker Energies and Energetic Ancient, more Beastly Impulses, which have nothing to do with a Creative, Light Bringing Allah/God/Ideology, but everything to do with a Destructive, Annihilating Black Hole Bringing Allah/God/Ideology, then Armageddon it will be.
We do have other Choices we can All Make and Act Upon which move All of Humanity, and our Planet, away from the same old Ancient Patterns of the Past, and can redirect the World as a Whole in some really wonderful New Directions and New, Lighter and Brighter Beginnings.
Beloveds, let us Light the Way; not Darken it !

© 2015 Easter3

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Added on November 14, 2015
Last Updated on November 14, 2015
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